Several pics taken inside The Open Air Museum close to Arnhem (which is known because the World War II movie “A Bridge Too Far”) houses, farm life, windmills, stores, weaving, wood transportation, bridges and interior designs of houses in past centuries one can see,.
Also,  places to eat. Very fun for kids and interesting for adults to see how they lived in the past.

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GOOD: In the old days of my childhood – this street organ used to go through every street playing its music, while the owner came by with a little cup for a donation.

RANDOM: Below are pollard willows. Little short trees. When they mature, the crown rounds out. In my elementary school years I often climbed one and pretended it was my house. Water and water all around Holland, so it’s the opposite of Xeric, like in California where I live (most years we buy water from another state)

FUN: The flower BrugMan(sia), named after a typical Dutch name. In Dutch there’s a saying “He can talk like Brugman” meaning his verbal capacity is so great he would be able to do a filibuster.







Muiden SquareIMG_1701







A door of a house on the square in Muiden, a small town in the midst of Holland (Province of Utrecht). The angled white pole is for the flag.





One of the old trains in the Open Air Museum – Modified for Tuesday Texture




Not to forget all the life stock you will see in the Museum. For the life of me,
I cannot remember what these are called, but I thought this was a cool hairdo:)



NorthHolland Hek380

Not that many fences in Holland –  except for the country side. The sky often shows more clouds than here!  Sorry, a little blurry drive-by, but such a typical Dutch landscape.


 What are your favorite childhood places?

(Six Word Sat.)

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  1. Although living little less than 2 hours from there… i haven’t been there jet… but next spring i will… already planned with a friend 😉

    Have a nice abc-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  2. Oh, how I LOVE Holland. I, too, would adore visiting your home town. Seeing the old street organ really brings out the inner child in me. It is beautiful…and so are the reflections of the willows in the water. That bird has quite an outfit on him, and the door is one like I have never seen before. This is a wonderful series.


    1. Hi Jeannette, thank you for your visit to my blog! I couldn’t find a way to contact you though, so I reply to your message here instead 🙂 Do you speak Dutch as well? I live in Woerden, which is about 60 km from Ede. Between Utrecht and Gouda. A wonderful country town it is. Wishing you a beautiful weekend! (ps, you mentioned my mixed media work… the blog you visited is relatively new and has not many mixed media works just yet. I have two other blogs, very different in style, where there is more to see of my work, might you be interested)


      1. Hello Wen, tried to find the comment section on your wordpress blog, but couldn’t find it. Was first on your blogspot blog, but when I go to the comment section, and then to another post, somehow I can’t comment. So I hope this works. I’ll check a few days later if my comment came through:)
        Ja, ik spreek nog wel Nederlands, als het simpel is, maar ik ben bepaalde woorden vergeten, dus ga ik maar weer over naar ‘t Engels. Ik ben nog nooit in Woerden geweest, well in Utrecht en Gouda. Ik las in je post van deze week dat je een alleen staand moeder was – ik hoop dat het leven nu gemakkelijker is voor je? Fijne week toegewenst!


      2. Hello Jeannette, thank you for your reply! I don’t use my wordpress blog, it’s just to direct wordpress bloggers to my main Blogger blogs. There I have comment moderation, so it might take a while before your comment appears on my blog. It arrived safely though, so no worries.
        Yes life is much easier now, thank goodness 🙂 Thank you for asking. Wishing you a beautiful week, xx Wen

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  3. Sounds like you have some great memories. I really think that rooster behind the fence is cool looking. Enjoyed seeing the Moon Flowers, The Train and that beautiful pastoral scene at the end.


  4. I love that door! The casement around it including the window are superb. The transition to SA has been tough. It is a real game changer to live in a place where there is a tangible loss of individual freedom. I am hopeful things will get better as the weather cools and we can get out of the house more.


    1. I changed countries three times, so I know how hard cultural adjustment can be. Hang in there – find a new freedom that is really inside of us! (you probably need to search for some new things to do that are satisfying)


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