These pics were taken between Oakhurst and Jackson, CA It was so blazing hot that day, that “everything looked and “felt” Sun Burnt. Also, this drive back home on highway 49 (main highway of the Gold Rush that made “the American Dream” so famous, was kinda trippy …
because it went against what I like or admire, but nevertheless,
I found beauty in spite of my natural instincts.



THE GOOD: A blast of the past.
See that door? Wonder if it had been kicked in too many times,  and they got tired of it …



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Burnt Trees_1709
Tuesday Texture

When trees wither and die is pretty much okay with me. Not so okay with burnt trees, because often man cause the fires, except for lightening strikes of course. Noticed with this pic above  I had to restrain myself (with Photoshop) not to beautify it.
Darkened  the photo of the flower below, to fit this post and called it Sun burnt. There’s a beauty also to rugged, worn or even withered things, eh?



Sunburnt Flowers 243

Floral Friday & Fri Greens & Todays Flowers


LOW Fence_1718
Hubby had to go outside the car to have cell phone reception … so I found this beautiful rock fence.



Lake and TreesIMG_1743

We looked through the trees at this lake and saw it would be quite a walk down to the Water, and worse, back up again!




THE FUN: Discovered that it is much harder to find good reflections in rural areas. Going through Jackson-Sutter Creek – famous for the gold rush – the second hand book store.

This was an all-good day! Quite different from yesterday night. We had one of these storms where the thunder was so loud that the house shook and the sound reverberated through your body (this comes from a person – moi -who has never been afraid of lightening and thunder).
Found hubby in the living room enjoying the spectacle of (as he said), “a hundred lightening strikes.”
Guess that’s one of the difference between men and women?




Home at  Sunset when both hubby and I run across the street to get at least a few shots. This is a rare One from Cerulean Blue on top to blueish Grey, and from a pinkish peach to an orangy  Ochre on the bottom.

Is it day, night, or both?
(Six word Sat.)


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40 thoughts on “SUN BURNT TRIP

  1. I guess the heavy metal door is needed for protection. Wonderful reflection capture! I love the last sunset shot, it is gorgeous.Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


  2. Hi Jesh, nice to ‘see’ you again and with another journey you take us on to…. love it !

    Have a nice abc-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


    1. The Iron Door Saloon has seen better days! Gold Rush towns are also here in parts of Colorado, and many abandoned. Sad about the fire killing so many trees. There was a fire near where i live this week and thsankfully the fire department was able to put it out quickly. It was started by a spark from a passing car on the very dry grass by the side of the road. Scary!


  3. “There’s a beauty also to rugged, worn or even withered things, eh?” I agree–great photos.
    And I agree more and more everyday when I look in the mirror 😉


  4. Beauty of many different kinds! It’s a big wide wonderful world out there! I really enjoy road trip posts … That was my life for quite a few years and I loved finding the strangeness and wonder and beauty in unexpected places …. Even better than finding it where you expect it!


  5. I think they decided to make that an iron door because they like to kick ass at those time, hehe. Joking aside it made me really think why it is an iron door? There must be a history about that saloon.
    About my photos, I used the Autumn setting in my camera. Then I brighten it up since that day was gloomy and rainy.

    Thank you in linking Water World Wednesday. I do appreciate it and see you next week!


  6. Your posts are always filled with the wonders of nature and so many terrific photos. Always such a fun stop for me. Thank you and enjoy a wonderful weekend.


  7. I always enjoy your photos and look forward to what you will be sharing. All great shots and so interesting. Thank you for linking with Today’s Flowers again, and have a great week 🙂


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