Between Los Angeles and Sacramento several farmers were not able to grow their crops this year because of the drought – a sad sight, driving by their empty land … they need a solution – Urgently!

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Monday the temps in Southern Cal. Dropped significantly, and at night when going home
to the hotel the first rain drops splattered on our car window.

Was gone for a week to participate in an art show in Laguna Niguel (Southern California) –
great for new connections! All I had with me was an old IPad that was a major frustration
because I was not able to link or comment on your blogs. Nor was I able to load up pics,
luckily had access to my media file and retrieved this from Fall last year.


A simple wine red door for Thursday Doors


 Cest la vie! The rest was peachy keen though, and now I’m back on Wed. evening
to add some more to this post:)



Outside the restaurant, the many lights and reflections at the Spectrum in Irvine,
make eating a meal at the Thai cuisine a festive experience


Terence, RUN …they’re back! I don’t want my pic taken again



This fence is actually white, but because darkness began to set in,  it appears blue-ish:)

(Six Words Saturday)

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28 thoughts on “FIRST RAIN IN FALL

  1. Drought is so sad for everyone, but especially so for the poor farmers who have to eke out a living from their land…
    It looks like we’ll have a long hot, dry Summer this year, courtesy of El Niño…
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme!


  2. We got our first rain yesterday after a very long, very hot and dusty summer. I was so happy.
    I love that red door against the pink flowers.


  3. Hello, I am so happy you are having some much needed rain there. I love the deer and the pretty flower. Lovely sky shot. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


  4. I hope you get more rain out there. I really feel for the farmers. Every one of your photos is a treat. Love the rain soaked flower. Also your header photo is super. Thank you for linking with Today’s Flowers and have a great weekend.


  5. Both ends of the spectrum in our country.. drought and flooding both in historic measure…It is so sad.. I have a hard time using the IPAD for commenting and blogging…Lovely photos..I am late getting around this week. Michelle


  6. each pic is nice, but the fence one really was my fav – the blue =ish feel as dusk set in added tot he mood – and that sky! quite majestic – have a great day and be back later this month to check in my sweet friend – xoxo


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