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Am still stuck with an old IPad that is sporadic in linking, and hardly allows me to comment, so I’ll skip this week and wait until I’m back home to resume blogging like I am used to!


The beginnings of Fall season celebrating saying farewell to summer bright colors the beginnings of new learning a season of feasts and birthdays preparing for winter


TO COMMENT, click on the title of this post, and the comment form will appear on the bottom! WallFlowers_0601 THE GOOD: At Huntington Libraries in Pasadena – not your timid wall flower:)

FROM  WALL FLOWER …. and Trees with MUSHROOMS … my own impressions of Fall … we found this among the Grand Sequoias when they were burned one year in Yosemite Nat. Park. ( for Texture Tue. & Black and White Wed.)

Trre&Mushrooms_8770 statueSidemother&child3 THE RANDOM:

TO angels: Little cupids – they’re cute, but a human invention. The real angles are much more powerful. rescuing people on a daily basis:) I got into painting them when my – then teen – daughter complained that “everyone” portrayed angels as  wimpy and fragile. “Paint me a real angel, mom!” Which I did …. not knowing it would take my approach of painting into a whole different direction not focused so much on beauty, but meaning. The angels below all have different personalities and “jobs” In the painting I left the faces blank to say “anonymous …”

TO WARRIOR: One of my earliest  – 24 x 30, oil.  “Army of Light” © StGermain Remember Copy right? It means you can’t duplicate this image without my written permission

Army of LightOilPaint copy PondAuburn_1248

transfixed on barbed wire fence and reflections passing one day on our way to our 3 grands in North. CA. Left everything in the pic, because the poles are a reflection, but the barbed wire is part of the fence in front of the pond.


SunsetUnfinished 053 THE FUN: Zipping all over in California –

  • a sunset above our first house in Southern Cal. where we’ll go for an art show in the weekend. All I have is a wonky old Ipad – a loan from my daughter, because mine “died” yesterday. My big contemplation is now not the paintings I show, haha, but if we’ll get another Ipad, or shoot for a lap top – decisions, decisions!

sorry bloggie friends, this IPad does not like the “I’m not a robot images”  – I keep getting stuck there- so mr replies need to wait till I get home

Would someone  finish painting this sky…? (Six Word Saturday)

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35 thoughts on “THE BEGINNINGS OF FALL

  1. Thanks for your visit.I must confess that I took the photos from a leaflet about the glassblowing business.
    I cannot find the right comment space, so I do it here. Your photos are beautiful!
    Wil, ABCW Team.


  2. Its good that we can nog change the weather but if i could… i would have autumn always 😉

    Wonderful post with beautiful photos!

    Have a nice ABC-week / day
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)


  3. Oh how lovely! All those photos – and the gorgeous angel. Very cool! Thanks for popping by to I loved your Rosemary suggestion! And re: ipad vs laptop. I went back and forth on that too, as I use them for real estate as well as blogging. I finally opted to give up my MacBook Pro in favor of the less expensive and more powerful iMac AND get a Mac Air which is so nice and tiny and can easily go with me everywhere. As one of my loved ones wisely pointed out, I go nuts without a keyboard. I use the iPhone for anything else. So far it’s working well 🙂 Hope you come up with a good choice for you as well 🙂



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