Took this header  pic last Fall after the rain. Summer abruptly disappeared. Foggy (read ashes) when looking outside my window. People driving with headlights on during the day –



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Things last-and-this week are definitely NOT idyllic, like our visit to the waterlily pond with  the duck and the Koi – Huntington Library Gardens, as well as the striped flowers nearby).



Striped FlowerHuntington_0555




Tuesday Texture & Black and White Wednesday
Instead, last Friday, one of several planes flying over our deck helping to drop off fire retardant stuff on the fire Butte (see map below) . Firefighters of South Calif. – L.A. came to help this job get done. This fire is one of 12 fires burning in N. California and governor Brown declared CA  a state of emergency.








Road Closed_2437

Butte is the largest fire  (on Sunday 65 thousand acres – 135 houses destroyed, 20% contained)
a half hour away from us – has kept spreading overnight since last Wed. evening.
Friday an evacuation started for the S. side of the highway we live (a mere 3 min. away), so we packed “just in case.” Several neighbors had already left on Thurs.

Embedded image
7:45 AM – 12 Sep 2015
 THE RANDOM:  many centers have been set up for the evacuees. Sat. morning we put towels against the door posts because the smell of smoke and ash started coming in.
Our mountain has become smoky and foggy from the ashes in the air.
4409 firefighters (no typo) are fighting this fire.
Another fire in Napa Valley is worse off, Middletown (Valley Fire) has been destroyed, and 4 fire fighters were hurt. This is the one that is in the news.




Wed. Sept. 9 we came home to … electricity outage. It means we couldn’t cook (most houses on the mountain have electric stoves), the fridge didn’t work, computer, and even the Ipad.

THE GOOD: Happy our cell phones still worked. At night we still could read and knit, since hubby had bought this larger camping light earlier this year.
Friday midnight power was restored but my main experience about living so close to a huge fire : it’s on our mind 24/7 and keeps us in a state of RED!




seeing this at noon when looking out the window
is when it gets a little spooky




Hope that in no time my focus is back to enjoying the scenery on our way back home instead of the ominous sky, avoiding to breathe in the unhealthy ashes.
Prayers to the God of miracles for all the fire fighters  working day and night, putting their lives in danger to get these fires under control.


(Six Word Sat.)

  • UPDATE Tuesday: we had rain at night, enough to wipe the ashes from the deck, and patches above blue clouds above my house. Am thankful!
    Wednesday: fire is now 37% contained. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief:)
    Thursday: 47% contained. 432 houses destroyed & outbuildings. A common sight in town is small groups of extremely weary firefighters (walk like drunk), covered with soot, grabbing a quick lunch. Signs/banners on residences saying: THANK YOU Firefighters!


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48 thoughts on “SMOKY MOUNTAIN

    1. Was reading your post about putting artwork up in your office, but … I can’t find the place to comment – so I hope you get this reply –
      when I had an office, the art work was one of the most important things to me to put up – makes you feel at home!


  1. I can’t imagine how it must be to live in constant fear of wild fire, despite your text and wonderful photos describing things so well. I sincerely hope the fires are now under control – if that’s possible. The’ ‘noon’ photo is excellent but, as you say, totally scary. I know the drought has been unbearable in your area this year and so hard on you all, especially with the fires being a consequence of it.


  2. It is scary when one lives in fear of fire. We had an extremely dry summer, the grass gone brown and crunchy under our shoes as one walks on it. We lived in fear of lit cigarettes thrown out of car windows. Some people can be clueless. Hope it clears up for you soon. Wonderful set of images!


  3. I will link you in to NN… oh the fires are the top of the news every night and I sooo hope they will be brought under control. The weather is supposed to be less dry they said tonight.. Please stay safe friend…Michelle


  4. Wonderful photos eventhough some of them tell a horrible story, thank God you are allright!!

    Have a nice anc-week/day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-w-team)


  5. Pretty header photo. – Great shot of the plane in BW
    Loved the shot of the Koi in the pond.
    Pretty Flowers,
    Great shot of the plane helping to fight the fires. So glad you got rain to help out with the fire fighting.


  6. I hope the fire is under control soon but I do have to say that the smoke makes for impressive pictures. That park looks like a nice place to visit and I bet you were glad of the new lantern with no power. That reminds me we need to buy a couple.


  7. We had a fire here a few years ago and I was evacuated from my house for a week. Everything was fine when we got back in except for a layer of soot! I hope you are staying safe….


  8. Oh so frightening and worrying…. We have been following the fire news of course up here … We finally got some good rain yesterday and We’re hoping that it extended North as well ( we are in Oregon now). I can’t imagine how dreadful it must be to live so close to that terrible fire…. Be safe!


  9. bless them, bless them, bless them! there cannot be enough good thoughts and strength sent to them as they fight these horrific fires. i’m sorry this is so close to you and that the air conditions are so dire as well. i do hope weather will cooperate and that they can stop this soon.


  10. I can understand why you must live in a state of alert. Your fires are constantly on our mind here in CO. It is also very dry here after a wet beginning to our summer. I live against National Forest, so I know what the danger is. Bless the firefighters! I hope that you don’t have to evacuate.


  11. I hope they fires are under control. It is horrific and there are not enough words for the good works of firemen. Stay safe.


  12. It makes my heart heavy to learn of the total devastation these wildfires have caused to so many. Very glad you got through it okay and we owe our never-ending thanks to all our incredible firefighters. With all this going on in your life I appreciate it all the more that you shared your impressive photos with us. Wishing you a safe and happy week ahead.


  13. Hello, I love your geese and koi fish image. God Bless the firefighters, I am glad it is getting under control and I hope you remain safe. As always, thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


  14. Hi Jeanette,

    It’s so lovely to meet you! Glad to hear that the fires are under control; thank goodness for those brave firefighters, indeed! Your images are beautifully poetic, and your words paint pictures.

    I’m happy to have found your wonderful blog, too!

    Happy Sunday!



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