Jackson’s Towering Tree


POWER OUTAGE  here propably due to a fire (that increased in size three night) probably, because it does not cool down from 95-100 degr. weather) – Friday midnight – the power went on -overjoyed:):) So now I can cook on the stove, make coffee and tea, and don’t have to drive half an hour to link to the memes!

After memories of Beijing, China last week, I’m craving for something I see at least every few weeks.  Places we visit or drive by. Have been eyeing this little restaurant with a half-German – half English name, but haven’t made it inside yet. The cool thing is that two reflections were caught, one from across the street, and a reflection of the window seen on the ground.


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Towering TreeJackson_1480

THE GOOD:when  left the yarn store I happened to look on the hill side …

This towering tree
a feeling of home
longer than a life time



Dangerous Fence_1560

A pretty wild stream next to a hilly and windy road – up to my adult kid’s family – me thinks it needs a better fence!





For Tuesday Texture
View of a vineyard taken in Spring. There’s much red soil around here.
Sorry, a little blurry, taken from great distance with Tamron lens.






They started with ten baby chicks a year ago – what an increase! And quantity… and quality:):)



LavenerWldflower 103





Can you see with children’s eyes?
(Six Word Sat.)


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38 thoughts on “Jackson’s Towering Tree

  1. Very pleasant post: Your BWW shot was nice, I hope you stopped in for a bite.
    Loved the gorgeous tree and the rushing water with the fence in need of repair.
    Pretty purple flower and puffy white clouds.


  2. Glad you have your power restored. You never know how dependent you are until its gone. These are beautiful. I love the tree and the house image.


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