Now we are approaching our first year anniversary having the forest view, I am thankful!



Two of our littlest grands had the most fun on those extremely hot days:)


still, for the amazing forest view  – the most OPEN window view I’ve ever had
survived days of triple digit heat
& below zero degrees
on most days stunning sunsets

Wish I could say my studio is finished, but More permits needed than in the city for “a barn!”
We have been warned before for “some” people being difficult and resistant in this area.

YET, I am thankful for countless things …

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My ears perked up when hubby said that.

rug unevenpole_2638

THE GOOD: May sound strange to you, but am thankful for my new rug by the couches in the living room.  We had beautiful tiles throughout the condo, but it was out of my comfort zone to sit on the floor (writing, painting, reading) –  a leftover habit from my college days.
The mid-brown of the “flames” are higher than the light and dark, which I really like. It’s an extension of the forest floor, and I can still sit or walk on it, even without my flip flops.



Window View2Live_2715





The sunsets here are stunning – every day different. And many kinds of fences, usually not seen in the city




THE RANDOM: about the time I have my giant cup …
If there’s anything that helped to adjust to daily life here, it’s little things like being able to buy a coffee I like. If you don’t know it – Dutchmen AND women are extremely particular about their coffee.








Now I see these deer regularly, I can’t eat deer meat anymore. I just can’t.
One of the neighborhood gang -a group of about 6 deer, bambi and a male. This one kept looking at me for the longest time while I kept clicking (the camera) – standing higher on the deck of my house.

Also met two of the girls while I was struggling to take the hill back up to my house.
They came walking – saw me – first not knowing if I was safe – I looked away –
Smiling. Someone here told me  these animals flee when you stare at them.
I know it won’t be long before I’ll start giving them names!


Thankful for One Year Forest Life
(Six word Saturday)

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41 thoughts on “FOREST VIEW

  1. Oh my goodness those little sweetie-pie girls with their piggies in the pool! So darn cute! Permits…it seems they always take sooooo much longer than you think they should. But all will be worth it in the end. Just keep saying that to yourself. And…it gives you time to enjoy those sweet little grandchildren.


  2. Hi Jesh,

    Your pretty grans show off our color quite nicely. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share?

    The rug in my Family Room has similar colors.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  3. Sorry to hear your studio is taking so long but at least you are enjoying your new home in so many other ways. It must be a joy having the time to enjoy those special moments with the children.


  4. Hi Jeannette! Thanks for sharing your beautiful surroundings! Deer in your forest! How wonderful! So much to be grateful for.
    I am happy to be home again after a tiring and hectic time, although very pleasant of course.
    Wil, ABCW Team


  5. Your grandchildren are precious…. I like Peet’s coffee! I like your rug…love the deer… Ten years ago I met my neighbor’s chickens, geese and goats and then wild turkey came to the yard… None are on my personal menu anymore…Michelle


  6. I recently moved my daughter 27 hrs from home. When we were to the grocery to stock her pantry we came across Peet’s coffee which we had never seen. I debated picking some up and then passed not sure of the brand. And here you are giving them the thumbs up! I will have to let her know.


  7. I’ve named a few of the does who hang around my place waiting for me to fill my stock tank with water.

    I love them, they’re good company!


  8. You have a very nice rug there. I like the colour and the pattern. We are to be thankful and appreciative of every small things because we are so privileged to be blessed with things we have taken for granted. Beautiful sunset scene and, sweet pretty bloom. Very soon the deer will get used to you and will befriend you. I heard they are very shy?


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