Lucca, even though small, has city walls, and is an hour either way between Pisa and
Firenze (Florence) close to the marble mining sites in Carrera in Tuscany. One of the
paradise places for painters, for the light they want to catch in their landscapes.

Went from Amsterdam two years ago with Transavia (a smaller plane co. our US travel
agent couldn’t find!) to Pisa, so we booked it ourselves and saved several hundred dollars:)



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THE GOOD: Leaning tower – not in Pisa, but still in the area (W Italy)
where we were.  Easy to see that the building styles are simple and sturdy.
Also, many towers and many gates (below).









No travel without some brushes, paint and foldable water bucket! Italy is famous
for Fabriano watercolor paper – oooh- in 3 1/2 x 5 inch postcard size
in downtown Lucca’s art store
sent the Tuscany plein airs with an Italian post stamp to a few art lovers




So simple …but not! I was hanging over the balcony five stories high while standing on tiptoes on a chair to catch this view. In the process of painting  had to come back from
my opinion that the long tall cypress in the van Gogh’s paintings were exaggerated –
there’s no other way to paint with the sun shining on them!





The plants and flowers made me feel at home – similar to California. Oleanders in a simple vase




Old arched bridges –  notice the way they trim these cypress trees (like on my postcard)





Have never passed so many tunnels cutting through mountains in a 4 hours. drive.
This one we went through –reflecting the sun– at time of sunset when leaving
Nice (pronounce niece), France.






The famous Mediterranean coast between Italy and France. My honest opinion:
don’t go in the summer, when tripping over the people laying on the beach!


Tuscany’s warm breeze and distant mountains
(Six words Sat.)
inviting the morning into my room
they are indelibly written on my soul


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49 thoughts on “LEANING

  1. Hi Jesh,

    It’s a lovely place, and with you talent, you can save your memories. Thanks for playing today.

    Please come back and tell me what you think of my deep blue post.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  2. Superb photos Ms. St. Germain! Loved the photo from Nice and the leaning tower from Italy. Every time I see one of those leaning structures, I want to test the theories about an unbiased coin…:)
    Have a Happy Week!
    Peace 🙂


  3. I absolutely fell in love with Lucca and stopped for coffee and people watching at an outdoor café. Also purchased the most beautiful handbag for my older daughter! Would do anything to return! Florence is gorgeous, too, and just thinking about it makes my stomach flutter and my mind begin to make travel plans.

    abcw team


  4. Lovely views of Italy and the wonderful coast, buildings, and sunshine. I like the way the cypress trees are trimmed with the flat tops, and your cute paintings if them too. The jar of oleander flowers in their various shades is elegant.


  5. A wonderful part of the world. You’ve brought back many happy memories of these places, which we visited some years ago. Lovely watercolours and flowers, Jesh.
    Many thanks for taking part in the Floral Fridays Fotos meme.


  6. That was a wonderful gate, I like fancy stuff like that. – Wow I would (never) lean out a balcony for a view so you were brave. Lovely watercolor paiting. The first was just delightful. I also like the Cyprus trees.


  7. That looks like a very pretty part of the world. I love your tip about not going in summer when you can trip over people on the beach. I prefer places in the quieter time of year. Up here in Cairns winter is the busy time of year because it is lovely weather and summer is too hot but then around Chinese New Year is popular as well. Lovely paintings.


  8. What a wonderful post! So many delightful avenues to explore! The shadows in your painting are wonderful. I really loved the leaning tree photo too and that amazing iron gate!


  9. I love your watercolors! My daughter is taking her first art class this year and hoping she really finds her voice there. She has always doodled and drawn. Even on herself. She needs this. It’s so nice to see others, like you, putting their talents out there!


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