Bloom Bracelet_2123

BLOOM! I say TO MYSELF – finally put the parts of this bracelet together

You would think that living  in the 4th country on the globe, I would have cultural adjustment down,
but … it’s no secret – our friends in Northern California view us after a year still as suburbians with a Southern Californian Style and a city mentality. That label will probably still stick to us for a while!

The following may make you chuckle (if you have gone through the same), or puzzled (when you have lived all of your life on the country side), or you can’t relate, because you live in a different country.

I drive 1 1/2 hrs. or more to Trader Joe, Michaels, Sams, or clothing stores at least a few times a week. For Northern Californians a drive longer than 20 min. is “a day trip!” Really??

To the coffee shop in my (decent) shorts and sandals. How can I relax if I need to put on a suit (a little exaggerated) with high heels? Yet when I’m “casually dressed up” in the latest trend, I catch “the looks” .

At the cash register of  a store, I sense the person want to start a conversation, “How are you guys doing?” or “Are you going to make cookies tonight?” Etc.
My reply is a smile, looking her straight in the eye, “Thank you.”  Her eyes start darting in every direction, not knowing how to continue. When I tell this to my city friends, the reaction is “No time!” Someone else claims, “None of their business.”
You get the drift ….:)  Am posting this, so I (and people who know me closely) can look back on it later and laugh, “Silly me. What was I thinking?”


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Vineyard BrightSkies_1808

Took this pic in spring when everything was green

THE RANDOM: On our way to have  breakfast. We have seen the weirdest cloud formations above the vineyards, but who knows, that makes the grapes grow faster … wink wink





Easrly ToastBrunch_0463

THE FUN; I chose sausage, Mushrooms, and spinach crepe at the brunch
from Early Toast (restaurant)




Yellow rose and buds






Above the rocks you can see a metal fence

THE FUN: The wind with sun are in kahuts to make Fountain Spray a spectacle of Exquisite light.



 my tentative conclusion:
(Six Words Saturday)


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  1. I live in an area that most folks say a hello out walking, in stores if one feels like chatting that happens too. I like it when people are friendly and I am back to them chatting away. Sometimes when I sit on a bench resting a bit, someone will sit down and start chatting away almost telling me their life stories. We have the time to do that here. Beautiful photography!


  2. I’ve changed homes so many times that it’s hard to remember the first impact of being in a new place as different … loved reading about you’re experience … and yes, each time there is that period of being the “outsider” … which in some cases you will always remain … lovely post and photos!


  3. I love the yellow rose. I’ve lived both in a little village where everyone knows everyone and in the city where no-one knows anyone. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


  4. I feel exactly the same when I travel from my home in London where everyone is too busy for small talk to the North of England where everyone wants to chat.


  5. Cultural adjustments are definitely part of my story. It’s been harder for me to adjust back to my own culture, oddly. I would love to see you do the cash register thing in the south. They would not know what to do with that. LOL. Lots and lots of questions and talking about your day.


  6. Good afternoon. So many interesting photos here. I really like that vineyard and clouds shot. The spray with the light streaming through is cool…


  7. I noticed El Dorado Hills in your tags. That’s pretty country up there. I’ve lived in both rural and city settings. Now, I’m back to rural. I liked the city and miss it now and then, especially when I want to eat somewhere new and different or to browse in a bookstore. The nearest independent bookstore is about 40 minutes away, but to go to one with a wide variety of choices, the Husband and I drive another 20 minutes or so, depending on the traffic.

    Did you have a dry lightening and thunder storm last week? It was an amazing light show. The best. Scary though.
    ttp://>The View from the Top of the Ladder


  8. I like your yellow rose, and your spring green with the neat furrows. The bead bracelet is cool. While I live in a fairly small NW town, the people don’t give you a warm feeling like the deep South. But I don’t miss the S. Cal. traffic jams and heat. And I have a health and produce store only 5 miles from my house.;-) TJ is more like 18 miles. My favorite checker will talk to me and joke around.


  9. Beautiful photos! I remember having friends come from England and I planned out a route for them to take to get to their first stop (after leaving me). Then I suddenly realized that when we talk of distances, we talk hours not miles. For us, a 6-8 hour car ride to get somewhere is average. For them, they need to stop for coffee after an hour and only drive another hour to their destination. Funny, eh? lol

    abcw team

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I have always lived here in Amherst NY, but moving to this house ten years ago was an eye-opener and not in a good way.. I am a chatter especially if I have been home-bound for a while… Pretty photos… (Thank you for asking, I did an update on me on the blog…not there yet) … Michelle


  11. It sounds as though there’s a lot of the city still in you! I studied and then worked in London for many years but am happy to live in a small, rural hamlet – there’s something to be said for having a foot in both camps! (If I had to choose just one lifestyle, however, I would opt for the friendliness of the country.)


  12. I love Trader Joe’s! People in UT are always very friendly but not intrusive. I live out in the country and it’s a long drive everywhere, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


  13. He-he. It’s not so easy to catch the local culture. We moved from the north to the south when I was a child, and I was so embarrassed that my mother sang while walking in the streets. One had to be mad or drunk to do so in the south…


  14. I’ve lived in the same town all my life and now laugh because it’s become a “tourist” town due to our wine industry now. I’m at the grocery store everyday and they know me by name and even take my car keys to go load my groceries while I chat with the clerks. – Loved your photos. The Vineyard was very picturesque and the rose so lovely. Nice fountain and fencing.


  15. Beautiful photographs. I liked your comments about cultural differences. I grew up in the Mountain west and when I moved to Texas I wondered why everybody wanted to talk to me. I don’t know them, what are they they doing. I’ve adjusted now pretty much. My relatives all think I sound like southern and the people here think I am Canadian by my accent.


    1. when you’ve once made a big move, you’re neither from “here” nor “there,” eh? For the Dutch I’m American, but are confused when they hear me talk Dutch. Here, I’m proud when I’ve disguised my accent enough they think I’m Californian!


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