My life is far from hum drum, but like everyone else I have to work at it – DAILY🙂
In my previous job, the strategy in helping my clients was to look with them
for a different “frame of mind” (like a picture frame)
Here, I look for “life,” “new things to discover,” “persistent practice,”and “beauty”
All these shots were within an hour’s drive from my home –


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my first decent  bird pic with a Tamron lens- these Blue Jays are the chatterboxes
of the yard – they can be very loud:)
Next project will be one of the squirrels, and hoping for one of the humming birds
I see regularly at the feeder by the kitchen window





Any time groceries need to be done, I drive on LaTrobe Road for about half an hour,
a super windy road with farms and vineyards of all sizes





At Peets Coffee every day! – I wish:)


Amdoing It_7684

Peach started drawing and coloring  daily, before she was two years old.
First it was to imitate her older brother.
When he moved on to Legos, she stayed with it.



Black&Wh sunsetsky_1524





Miss Hydrangea is much sturdier than she looks:)

So surprised this Hydrangea survived the move from So. Cal, was well as freezing
temps in North. Cal, and the bright hot sun on the deck. Her luscious blooms  require
a daily check for enough water in the summer.




Driving over the bridge
(Six Words Saturday)


Sometimes I miss the view of the ocean at the horizon, but smaller bodies of water can be beautiful too!



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48 thoughts on “LITTLE DAILY’S

  1. Thank you for an other great post. The pine? tree caught my eyes, in spite of all the other great pictures.
    Have a nice day.


  2. Hello, so glad you are enjoying retirement. It is great! I love the shot of the Jay. And the coffee and treat look delicious! Your granddaughter is a cutie. Great images, enjoy your new week!


  3. A wonderful post to read and watch… i’ve enjoyed it!

    Seeig a little peace of another part of the world. every time gives me pleasure. …


  4. There is always something lovely here to look at. That field with the fence and pretty purple flowers is lovely. Nice shot of the Bluejay. The cookies and drink look yummy and what a sweet little girl.


  5. Love your photos, water, sky and trees speak to me too. I am fortunate to be living in South Tampa at the moment, surrounded by watery horizons. I look forward to seeing more of your work, thank you for posting these lovely shots.
    With a smile, Carlyn


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