Some friendships we have for a short period in life, others for a life time.
Some friendships are to be likely to happen, others unlikely.
Some friendships we keep because one thing we have in common, in others there are multiple things that bind us together.

Jammy (see comments) gave me this idea – you may know a lot of people, but it does not mean they are all friends. A friend I can call at 2:30 am to bring me to the hospital. I can cry on a friend’s shoulder, without he or she losing respect, or viewing me differently than before.

Something to think about: Some friendships bring well-being, other friendships may be toxic

This turned out to be an unlikely, life time friendship with multiple things we have in common.
Unlikely  because they are the age of our own adult children. Life time,  since we have known and kept up with each other for more than fourteen years. Our love for books we have in common, discussing things, healthy food, love for people, etc. etc. have enriched my and hubby’s life.



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The view of fountain and patio below ground level is where we met each other after a year ….





THE GOOD: From the railroad museum in Old Sacramento, sauntered on the board walk of the harbor
I taught their momma knitting. You can see both of their daughters have a lace scarf:)




THE RANDOM: Fences and Reflection

Then walked  back to the streets with the shops ….




THE yummy FUN: while friend was purchasing strawberries on our way back home, I sneaked in a few pics of organic produce








SunsetColored Pencil_0726

We came home LONG after this gorgeous light



(six Words Saturday)



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  1. Some fabulous photos of flora, fauna and places where you met some special friends.
    Friends are a blessing – I mean the true friends.
    Very enticing post!
    Have a Great Week!
    Peace 🙂


  2. A wonderful entry and the text is so true. And the photograps are nice too.
    Although… toxic relations i don’t keep anymore… its hard to break some, but in the end its the best thing i’ve done for my own welbeing…

    Wishing you all the good from any relationform!

    ♫Mel☺y♫ (ABC-W-team)


  3. Differences in ages make no difference in friendship if there are other things binding them together. I have friends both older and younger than myself.

    abcw team


  4. Lovely shots, and those sunflower are beautiful! I have a lot of acquaintances but very very few friends. Many people cannot distinguish the difference in meaning of the two words…
    Thank you for joining us on Floral Friday Fotos. I look forward to your next contribution.


  5. You are so right and unfortunately/fortunately I have had to learn this friendship thing this past year. Not everybody is in it for the same reasons and not everyone will give back proportionally. It’s a hard lesson, but a good one for moving towards finding a true friend. Your images are lovely.


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