Still remember sitting in my parent’s living room, as a twenty something and mother of a newborn, wondering why my parents were all of a sudden so concerned about things happening in the news!
In this aspect I am living their lives now.
A few months ago my son who does”European Studies” (that is an actual major in college!) in the Netherlands, had not kept up with the news, went to his advisor, asking what that all was about terrorists (ISIS), and puzzled commented, “My mother has never talked about terrorists! Now she has mentioned it twice!”

This anecdote is my introduction for why I also  paint news events. Art is known to affect history. One of my pastel paintings was about the bombing in London, a few weeks after the tsunami in South East Asia, with the (big) caption “People are missing.”


To recap: this painting that I started this Valentine, is more subtle, and the reason for this intro.  Valentine’s Day, known for the day of “love” and the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” coming out the same week, in which love turns out to be physical abuse and porn. So you know this painting is not just a story line.
It is about something happening right now in our society.

I was as curious what those ripped out pages represented. It came to me that they might be things everyone knew, but with time was forgotten. These kind of paintings begin as a seedling. It takes the sun to shine and the rain to grow roots, until it becomes a big tree (below).





THE RANDOM: Also, I forgot to mention that I painted two poppies on the cover of the book  on the beach. In the USA each state is represented by a flower. Poppies are the flower of California (where I live). Goes without saying that Hollowood produced mega movies about “love.”


redWhiteCrop poppies_0614


THE GOOD: I was not satisfied with the shore line. It did not point toward the focus of interest: the book. Asked one of my friends from FB permission to post her pic from the coastline of So. Calif.
Some weeks later, I should have jotted down what scary event it was, that jogged my memory.
Something I had not thought about for a long time.

Book of 3 LoveGlass copy

THE FUN: For the post, I put the text on it and used a glass filter. Am half way done:)

The first that came to mind was that PERFECT LOVE DRIVES OUT FEAR. It’s one of those difficult concepts – hard to wrap your brain around them …
Most of us love conditionally. It’s pretty scary to love unconditionally and takes a lot of maturity. Fear controls and intimidates. “Fear wreaks havoc” (quote Gene Simmons)
As fas as I’ve seen this is how it works: the more we can give out of our love, the less we fear.
Can I achieve this?
Like anything else you like to find out if it’s true, just start doing it.


(Six Words Sat.)

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31 thoughts on “A FORGOTTEN PAGE

  1. That’s a wonderful painting and your thoughts behind it and in it are good to consider. So much we have to learn about real love…


  2. What a pretty scene with the trees and the fence. – Also I enjoyed reading about your art and the process of how you created it. – Very deep. I agree about Perfect Love casting out Fear.


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