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Change of scenery gives me a blank canvas – great to get the creative juices flowing! A breath of fresh air when you live in the city (I did back then)  – big landscapes, wide horizons, fierce, almost uninhabitable
mountains, unforgiving  hot  temperatures. Unforgettable and addictive!

AT  HOME: we are dealing now with building permits for that forest floor hubby leveled (seen in post Major Markers) – so far so good:) I am back to finishing up(hopefully!)  that pastel from some time ago The Love Book.



Water is scarce here – not many big rivers  or lakes … a faint reflection of the sky





THE GOOD: Sure you might need a fence here in  Zion Nat Park …
waiting to go through the tunnel with only one lane,
so it’s the other side’s turn now.
Here they record your ( license plate?) car!





Also plenty heights and tight spaces on our walks and hikes:)
With these temps. over a 100 degrees F
ice cream and cool drinks are on these kinds of days definitely popular!




A mountain goat makes an appearance … Can’t I have a quiet day…
without a whole row of cars looking at me?



Flower Utah_2976







THE FUN: The weather changes every few hours (at least while we were there in June-July! We only planned this as a one time vacation. But when the next year two fires were burning close to Yosemite Nat. park, we went back to Utah’s Bryce Canon and Zion Nat. Park.

Love A Big Thumb Print Sky

(Six words Saturday)


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57 thoughts on “UTAH’S COLORS

  1. Absolutely stunning! We went into Utah briefly to Arches just for an overnight and then on east of there into Colorado, so we didn’t see a lot, but all the scenery was really lovely, and I would love to go back! Love the mountain goat! How weird they are recording your car!


  2. Beautiful pictures. We loved RVing in Utah, especially Zion. I enjoyed your previous posts from this area and can well imagine that an artist would fall in love with the State’s natural beauty. (I hope this isn’t a repeat comment; my earlier one seemed to fly to cyberspace.)


  3. Who’d be a goat, Jesh? 🙂 Well, if it was the only way I could see the National Park…. just maybe 🙂
    Many thanks for the link- that’s brilliant! I wasn’t sure what you meant. Love having your company!


  4. That is a beautiful place – I’d love to visit some day. P.S. – the town of Monument is named after Monument Rock and Monument Creek, but I don’t know where the names came from.


  5. Every place has its attraction…. and for me, being Dutch, this photomeme is a wonderful opportunity to get to know different sceneries.
    Thank you for this weeks entry at ABC-W , looking forward to more 😉

    Have a nice day,

    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-W-team)


  6. Wonderful post. Loved that first scene, it was so pretty. Also the one from Zion park, stunning view. – I’ve been to Arches Natnl. Park and love it but maybe someday I’ll return and visit Zion.


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