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Really fun to see our grands grow up and watch where they’re heading in life!
Some pics of two of the seven grand kids, and hubby’s accomplishments give me
two Z’s for ABC Wed. -the end of high school and the end of a prepping the soil for a building




From the non-digital era – Already as a little girl – having a way with  animals,
like my son (who is her uncle)
Interestingly only green reflections came up, while the Fall colors of the trees not.




Started with art, the way I did –  drawing a Head portrait
(no photo edits!)
a few weeks ago we went to her (high) school art exhibit.
A few weeks later  she was a very happy graduate.



My oldest first grand daughter

THE GOOD: The same gift, but unlike moi she is reserved
and too shy about her talents, has a sharp wit, no interest in
dressing up, loves babies, is sensitive.






While waiting for the Junior high school choir to begin, checking the bow tie he inherited
Already as a toddler he loved dancing with his mama to the music.
Now he has also a flair for comedy. With 3 sisters he’s holding his own!




BackYardFlower_4878 copy





BEFORE – when we moved here: the top of the fence,  at right end
reveals that it is a slope downward – not good to put any building
or barn on.
Also seven trees (on the left) about 50 feet high were in the way-
yikes, I didn’t want to lose them, but I wanted space to paint:(





But maybe …my deck won’t look like this after the wind blows
and the rain comes





AFTER: Hubby’s marker of a wheelbarrow turned up as a sign that  clearing and leveling a 50 x 60 feet  field is DONE (you see/read about the whole process two posts below this one, in “Trees ‘n Things”)
That was 7 months of hard work. Neighbors came by, shaking their head,
“I don’t know if I could do this…” Super proud of hubby, who now can go back to photography (like the yellow flower above) and other interests.






THE FUN: It looked like glowing gold … don’t need photo edits here! the sunsets seen from the road we live on, are amazing views!


 major markers are rampant this year
(six word Sat.)


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44 thoughts on “MAJOR MARKERS

  1. Great pics of the family! Won’t the dirt wash down the edges of the field, or will there be walls?


  2. Hi Jesh,

    Your husband’s achy back will encourage him to return to photography. Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  3. I am new to your blog and I love all the pictures! Feeding the geese was especially lovely. And what an effort to clear that ground. I can’t wait to see what gets built on it.


  4. Great post! Always wonderful to see one;s family doing well and providing lots of opportunities to be proud of them. Compliments on the yellow flower photo!
    Thank you for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.


  5. Children grow up far to quickly if you ask me. Your granddaughter has a great artistic talent. Enjoyed the lovely yellow flower, seeing the path where your fence was and the gorgeous clouds at the end.


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