Am taking it easy this week! At least, that’s the plan:)
this week started with a killer 90 degree F heat,
were totally wilted! But now – Thurs.- it’s in the 80ties
The mountains have yellowed by now – next year I’ll keep
clicking my camera even more in the green time!
Kind of fun to blur some of these pics on purpose



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An idyllic life
a simple life
work till the cows come home




BackYardPeeps_1487 copy

I set my eyes on
sketching waves of
Terre Verte (green)
my Arches paper will tell
when I’m done




Looking for Something_2484

endless play- searching for shells, stones, and more treasures







The Good:
surrounded by an array of colors








RailroadGoldRush_0543The Random: A relic from the Gold Rush 1849

from one treasured place to another
(Six Word Saturday)




The Fun:
Traveling between the big clouds




Until  I enter the door
welcoming me to stay
and stay



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46 thoughts on “AN IDYLLIC LIFE

  1. Rest is good and I hope you get just what you need. Glad you have some cooler temps after the heat. We are settled into constant heat here in the south. We are mostly enjoying it though after winter.


  2. A beautiful group of photos. I wish I knew something about photography. I’m afraid I’m just a point and shoot kind of person, but I enjoy looking at beautiful photos like yours. Welcome to my world. The world of 90+ degree days!


  3. hope you are staying cool in the heat – and I enjoyed each pic – especially the final one – the door! the tone and the up view – so nice. inviting.
    have a great weekend! ❤


    1. Hey friend, I was yesterday at your blog, and loved how you captured Greek customs and folklore! Was in Athens for 9 days (more than 15 years ago) to celebrate our wedding anniversary and fell in love with the culture and the food! After that we went somewhere in LA to their yearly celebration – have to find out if they have something here in Sacramento!
      For the life of me, where is you comment form??
      A random question (only if you like to answer): what made you decide to become a .org?
      Enjoy your weekend!


      1. Hi Jesh – the comment form is when you click on the title of the post (I think) – and well, thanks for your feedback here – and I hope sacramento has something like this – and I am sure they do somewhere nearby. how are you liking that Northern Cal area? In my heart I miss it there so much – and I miss Colorado so much too – but I guess that is life when someone has had the chance to move around – we miss certain parts of places – but you truly are in a special part of the country.
        and speaking of events – have you been to the garlic festival in Gilroy??? I always weaned to go to it!


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