The BLUE and GREEN Connection



A new Blue Green meme –am joking!  If you knew how long it took me to put this post together… am not deleting this post though, so I won’t forget!


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zipping from Southern to Northern California

There’s blue and green …okay I can have another some vanilla and very light sienna too




Trump-Vegas_7848 (2)

Am not a Trump fan let’s be nice and say I don’t understand the man,
but the tower illustrates what I like about the green-blue connection.

the tower partly reflects the sky, making the side of the tower
look green (blue sky +yellow tower=green reflect).
The reflection of the white clouds are light yellow.

Green which is a mix of blue and yellow – just saturated
the colors of the Trump tower in Las Vegas, where everything
seems over the top – even to the Starbuck coffee prices
($2 more, only at one place though)








In that time we visited the Huntington Library Gardens often –
a little river between the Chinese and Japanese Garden
– a blue green serene




GateCentral House_1817














A fourth blue and green! A view that makes me smile whenever we drive by. On the gate it says Central House. My mind goes …. central … central to what? This house is in the middle of nowhere:):)
But I do like the gate, and the fence leading the eye up the hill. In Spring the huge crowns  of these trees makes for  a nice shady area. The clouds – I like them big and billowing!

Did you ever have a top of the line idea, such is having a blue-green challenge, but then when you tried it out, it did not turn out to be so smart after all!

this meme would not last long since it’s too limiting, like maybe a month out of  a year…

really LOVE this color combination though!
(six words Sat.)

 My BLACK AND WHITE WEDNESDAY image is below the memes here…………………………..

A Big Thank you for Hosting!

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We found a few jasmine flowers the previous owners left us by the gazebo:)

Happy Wednesday you’ll! Linking with Black and White Wednesday


47 thoughts on “The BLUE and GREEN Connection

  1. Hi Jesh,

    You are so creative, I hardly know how to comment. I think the gate is fascinating too. Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!


  2. Is dit een nieuwe meme? ‘t Lijkt me leuk.
    bedankt voor je bezoek en comment! Ik heb gezocht naar je U woord, maar misschien ligt het aan mij en heb ik het over het hoofd gezien. Het is juist het leuke van het ABC spel op Woensdag dat je een woord of foto plaats waar de letter van de week in voor komt.
    Een heel fijne week!
    Wil, ABCW Team


    1. Hello Wil, I wanted to look for a meme, but this is too limiting, because it involves 2 colors!
      And I had not decided on my U-word when you visited my blog, but now I do:) – it’s: understand (understanding Donald Trump, which is a wealthy man who last year wanted to run for president this year – haven’t kept up with if he is in the running.
      What do you think of wordpress?


  3. Understand is a good U word. Now I’m confused as to where you live. Are you visiting California or do you live in California. I’d much rather live along the canal in your header. I grew up in California and am familiar with Huntington Library Gardens…


    1. Ellen, thank you for your comment on my Blue Green post. Our lives maybe very confusing to others – the first half of my life I lived in the Netherlands, and the last half in California (the longest in Southern Cal., and since last year, in the North). But all of our family is still in the Netherlands, so we try to visit once in a while – two years ago was our last time! Depending on our funds, we try to combine our visits to Holland to go to another country (Paris is five hours drive from Paris – so distances are a lot shorter than in Europe)


  4. Maybe it would work. Hard to say. Pink Saturday has been around for a while, but she often says to post anything…it doesn’t have to be pink. I dropped out some years back when I ran out of pink. I find Trump to be an interesting character.


  5. I love blue and green together, too! With a little vanilla thrown in. What a fun description!

    Thanks for the smile about Trump!

    And thanks for sharing this beautiful link for Alphabe-Thursday’s Letter B.


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for taking part in the Friday Greens meme! In the spirit of community, please visit and comment on other participants’ entries.
    (And I am saying again how much I love your header image 🙂


  7. I like your blue green theme. The sky is beautiful. I like the house with the gate and fence. I think Trump is strange and to think he wanted to run for president. Love the flowers, they are beautiful. Have a happy day and weekend!


  8. I love that you decided to focus on those colors as inspiration. I haven’t thought about doing that.

    You’ve got some great images here. I love that flower (allium? or agapanthus?) and your comment about Trump made me smile.

    I host a Photo Friday link-up each week; I’d love it if you joined us!


  9. Love the color combination and it doesn’t have to be a meme to be a fantastic post. More special in a way if it isn’t an everyday thing. Actually I could probably find a lot of photos (not as good as yours, because there are a lot of blue skies here and lots of green trees… but that would get boring after a while.)


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