The header above is from the Northern Venice – Giethoorn – the Netherlands
You notice the espaliered trees?


Some who have seen more of my work, know I do a variety of things in painting. Here, I share my niche in art. A niche is one’s particular corner or specialty in the market place.



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The watercolor below started with writing in my journal. You are welcome to click on this pic and read the original (have blocked out what was not part of this story)
It happened one week after a young couple had lost their baby who had a metabolic disorder. They often came to the Paint-&-Music Monday night in South. California where I used to paint …






The end product of what I saw that evening.
when I wanted to get something out of the fridge. I was so focused on what I saw that I almost ran into the door of the pantry.
I quickly drew a sketch. A few weeks after, I didn’t know what to paint on Monday night, and decided to paint what I had seen in the kitchen.  After I introduced myself to the couple, who happened to be there, showed and gave them this small watercolor.
Had no idea how they would react. She seemed very intrigued. A week later she told that everything, but especially the hair of the baby looked like her.







When I’m not traveling, I use this big palette, even though I mostly end up with a 2-color combination
The RANDOM: it’s just the thought that I have a choice!
For the big areas of the watercolor above, I used Aureolin yellow in left top corner, and  a mix of Winsor blue -third from left bottom, with Cerulean blue – second from bottom












THE FUN: Watercolor brushes and water
squeezed into my corner of African violets – the same flower you see above.






Most of the fences in this area are almost invisible,
and the gates are small. Like the story of this painting
easy to miss when you’re preoccupied with other matters!






Life does not always give us a sunset,
but a storm  highlights a silver lining



This couple used their experience to go regularly to the hospital and help other parents going through the same – brave, courageous, awesome!


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 Memory Art (black & White Wed.) decided to tag everyone to write 5 stories – so this is my first story. I will post the rest of the stories below this post

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41 thoughts on “My NICHE

  1. A lovely post. So sad for the parents who lost their child – but I do think we sometimes ‘see’ things we didn’t know we knew.
    Loved your charming painting.


  2. A poignant story, perhaps your painting helped the couple to release some sorrow and enable them to so positively channel their grief by helping others. I like your “niches”, metaphorical and physical both.


  3. I’m so touched by the story you shared, intuition and kindness are powerful forces. I love all of your images and appreciate your gentle words to me. Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥


  4. That’s a sweet watercolor, but I feel for the couple who lost their baby. And yes, the rocks on my blog could be considered hoodoos, although small ones – they’re rather common around here.


  5. Touching story, Jesh! The images are lovely, the flowers pretty and sky even though not colorful. I love your angel watercolor, it is beautiful. Have a happy new week ahead!


  6. A poignant post complemented by wonderful images. I especially appreciated the photos of your journal and the watercolour.
    Thank you for joining Floral Friday Fotos and I hope to see your next contribution soon.


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