How do you start your post usually?

That is, when nothing much  has taken place … except for normal things around the house …
For some reason I had seen the image of the tree roots( below) a few times, every time in another file folder. Oh, this is easy peasy – the beginning of a post!
Read below the flowers how this post was put together – this is literally the Random, the Good, the Fun!




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Two ladders, a reflection,  and an inventive mind!

The sun came into the living room from the vaulted windows on top – on the backside of the house.
Too blistering hot last summer. so hubby made a contraption this week
to roll the outside blinds up and down, but also keep them in place with the
unpredictable high winds (which we have often at 3000 feet). Someone will clean up the two ladders- lol, these don’t belong to the contraption

Lovin’ the Quirky things you can do in the country and no one cares,
but in the city you would get fined for.





Three Xmas tree stands (third on the left -on the floor) in le garage

The Random!  We have now three Xmas tree stands?? How did that happen …. guess some more cleaning up to do …




Tree Roots_2193

these roots are so big that I need to go slower, not to trip

Dog tired. No grand plans for the day, then just recuperating and enjoying the water flow, eat our sandwiches, and take pics.




wildflowers Yosemite_2192

wildflowers between the roots of the tree above
close to the W- entrance of Yosemite National Park

Step 2: to look for a theme. Meaning, what would fit or a contrast.
Just to be clear: a theme I like.
A challenge or meme has to fit in my theme, because it’s a blog about my life.

Not only physically tired from the move last year, but also emotionally – a big drama with the moving company – 60 pieces of our stuff missing – going up at the new house ourselves, the air conditioner of hubby’s truck blew out in 90 degree weather,
decided to give ourselves a break to cool off at Yosemite for the day – not with the truck:). Ah, here’s my theme: getting away from anything messy, stressful, work …

Step 3: After the pics of the tree and wildflowers, hope I can find a photo for the sky with blue, and up or down view, a fence, a reflection, and a black and white image. Not bad, eh?





Twodeer 4503_1

A good day to spot these two, 20 feet below me with my Tamron lens (that I keep borrowing from hubby)







Let’s go back home!  The mess is probably still there,

but we’ll deal with it
(6 word Sat.)


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48 thoughts on “GETTING AWAY

    1. Roots intrigue me! As you are dealing with the cold right now, in summer we deal with the depressing heat:) Hope for you things will warm up this week.


  1. Hi Jesh,

    The dishes remain the property of the White House as they are a part of history.

    Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!


    1. Carol – I tried to comment, but then I saw you have a google+ account. Sorry I can’t reply, unless I become a member of google plus – which was the reason I moved to wordpress! Have a great week:)


  2. We were very fortunate when we moved two years ago from New York to Colorado. Our moving company did not lose or break a thing! Moving and getting settled into a new place is a big job. I’m glad you are taking time to enjoy your surroundings and appreciating the little things in life.


  3. Hi! Nice series of your beautiful photos. The tree root and deer photos are very impressive. BTW,Your wisteria photo is very beautiful. We went to a World No.1 wisteria park today. I hope you will visit my future post in next week. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I Enjoy ordinary day posts … That’s what lives are really about after all! Country life seems to agree with both of you … You made a good move. But no matter how much we love our home, you are so right, sometimes we do need to get away . Loved the Yosemite pic a lot!


  5. Wonderful post of your life. I should write more of them, but I don’t make them as interesting as this. I LOVE the tree roots. The photos makes it look like some ancient wisdom is there and the tree should rise up and share it with us… Michelle


  6. Same here when things get stressful I grab my camera and walk through the fields just taking photos. I love the tree root photo so beautiful!!

    Thank you in linking Water World Wednesday. I do appreciate it and see you next week!


  7. Are you really at 3,000 feet? I can feel my ears popping just reading your blog. I’m not much above sea level here. The roots on that tree were pretty amazing.


  8. I never know where posts are going to end up. The best ones are like yours where it is kind of like a right brain thing that you have to just let happen.
    Goodness though, the movers lost 60 items??? I imagine there was some drama.


  9. Hi there,
    I loved the fence, deer and the narrative.
    The photos were very nice.
    We get to see some deer behind our home too, but not the kind with large antlers often.
    Thanks for stopping by my site.
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace 🙂
    PS. Your bio is cool too!


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