Short CITY Walk

My family likes to take walks, and most of them like to hike too:) When they do the latter, I often abandon them for  a quick painting.
This is a short walk with many interruptions, such as a treat, ice cream, bathroom, and more such things, because of the little ones

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Look a horse behind that fence










Underground tasting rooms 2

Underground Tasting Rooms

Depending on who says, but this could be the fun part of good random fun:)
Appropriately too, since this is

whoa, my 100th post on wordpress!
(Six words Saturday)



which reminds me on another celebration long time ago ….


OllyBday 272


Because we’re at the letter O for ABC Wed., I couldn’t resist this pic
of Ollie on his first birthday  in a couple of weeks – now 7 years ago. (don’t worry he hardly ate from his cake – just getting his hands in it was all the fun)





Harbor Reflect_2781

Reflections everywhere in the harbor (also in the windows)
On hot days we like to hang out here  by the Water side to cool off






The base of the yellow Sacramento bridge I showed earlier this year – a massive and impressive structure…







Never knew that I would miss the city lights at night, now I live in the country!
Now I textured this sky view with grain and posterize (PS) I can put my nose back to the grindstone (really, it’s more exciting than that!) of writing – paper and paper clips in every room now –





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48 thoughts on “Short CITY Walk

  1. Congratulations on making your hundredth post. Strangely enough, my next one will be my hundredth, too. 🙂
    Your photos are lovely and, if they were taken recently, you’re obviously enjoying warm weather already. Those underground tasting rooms sound intriguing and the reflections in the last photo are very effective. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on the 100th post! Your photos are always fun to see. I am always enjoying visiitng you because you share so much of a good thing! Thank you and enjoy a wonderful week.


  3. I had to smile, Ollie (7 years ago) looks just like my youngest daughter, In the same setting 🙂
    Lovely shots from a sort city walk 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂


  4. Lovely post and pictures and particularly of the chocolate covered boy…wonderful…Happy 100th,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.


  5. I am here twice this week. Those photos are beautifully done! I especially enjoyed the lil fellow enjoying that cake with his hands! A priceless share.


  6. Congrats on your 100th post.. I just love the cute shot of Ollie wearing his cake.. And a great fence shots with the horse statue! The sky shot is beautiful. Wonderful post, enjoy your day!


  7. Congrats on your 100th post! That is such an accomplishment. These images are all lovely and I love the cake one! Such a fun milestone!


    1. You wrote about the endless winter in N.Y. – the weather must be contagious – it’s raining and much colder today here in California:):) Just noticing it, because it rarely rains here!


  8. Caught you out walking again, Jesh! 🙂 The lavender are beautiful, aren’t they? I love the smell and there were fields full of wild ones in the Algarve. That eating place reminds me of Covent Garden. 🙂
    Happy weekend!


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