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Floral Friday, Blooming Friday, Todays Flowers and Pink Saturday


These tiny Spring flowers  I found a few weeks ago in our front yard –
aren’t they adorable?  anyone know which  flowers these are
(about 2 -3 inch)?







We didn’t have snow all winter. Then last week, when I
woke up, I see this. Are you kidding?
Pulling an April’s Fools Day on us? (when wet, the trunks
of the Acacia trees become really this red and shiny –
no photo edits!) I have been told that these trees
when burning,  can melt steel!
There’s a Dutch saying that says “April does what he wants”







On that strange day, I felt cold so I made some wheat pancakes
with bananas and chocolate chips






Modified for Mandarin Orange and Texture Twist


That’s it! We’re going to try out the stove …  for the first time
in the USA – that’s about 3 decades. The first stove, since
there was No Need for it in Southern Calif.






Black & White Wednesday





for Friday Greens & Good Fences

To my relief, the snow didn’t stay.
A virtuous tree, but stubborn!
Holding out on Spring, while others have a full crown of leaves
The tree trunks in India Ink (above I painted in Yosemite
Nat. Park with an artist who specialized in Ink paintings.





Angel of Change, Oil, © StGermain   Reflection behind me!

I have a little problem – one that artists have to deal with now.
I saw this painting used as a banner in a newsletter of a
speaker. Having heard her speak myself, I knew she
would not use something that is copyrighted, so I wrote her.
Her reply: It was on FB, from “a friend of a friend”…

A few months after I logged on to Facebook (2011) I realized
that as soon you become a member, whatever you post
is and remains their property, so  I deleted all my paintings
… I thought – if you catch the culprit, please write me -thanks!




Added some pics later this week ….



Just to assure you that that sky (sky Watch) is back to peachy keen:)





the Huntington Gardens is a great place to find reflections, and ducks and fish
Oops, I cut off the head of the statue….:)


To start with Weekend Reflection  and go on to Saturday Critters – the duck and
little lower to the right a Koy fish.


I feel alive when I learn something new every day!




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51 thoughts on “A DAY in an ARTIST’S LIFE

  1. Hi Jesh,

    Those pancakes look good, maybe because of the blue around them. Thanks for playing today.

    Please come back and tell me what you think of my Blueberry Festival post.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  2. I love that tree in the last shot. The one in the snow? Is that what they often refer to as a “bleeding” tree? Those are stunning as well. Loved all of these images. April certainly does like to do what it pleases.


  3. A nice collection of Spring shares. I hope it sticks around here although we keep hearing we will get snow mixed with rain later this week. Have a great week! Thank you for sharing.


  4. I enjoyed this look into your world, the coming of spring, and your art. I didn’t know that about FB! Lots of artists have their work up there. Anyways, have a happy week. I am joining you over at Our World Tuesday.


  5. what a fun post – from pancakes to flowers and art! and how interesting to learn about fb and their right to what is shared there. (and that art piece looks like it would make a nice banner – lol)
    I sometimes feel like I am missing out by not being on fb more, but when I read stuff like this- well I don;t mind so much.

    have a nice day my friend 🙂 ❤


  6. I did not know that information about facebook owning anything placed on it! Perhpas if you put up a future photo of a painting you can add a large visible watermark to it so no one can use it for theri own purposes? Many professional photographers do that. Your pancakes look delicious!


  7. I spoke to an intellectual property attorney. You should register the copyright for all of your artwork. I think you have to do it within 3 mos. At least that’s how photography is. Once you do that, no one can use it no-how no-where and you can be compensated handsomely plus attorney’s fees for any misuse. Anything unregistered, you are at the mercy of others. I am just starting registering after getting burned!


    1. I know about the registration, but the hassle is with people who will try anyway! Also, I don’t want to take energy and $$ for suing people (if possible) – Have a few lawyers among my friends – they are expensive!!


  8. I like that saying about April. It really is unpredictable. I’m flying to Southern California this weekend. I hope it’s not too hot because I have a lot of running around to do. That angel painting is very cool!


  9. That’s a pretty snow picture, amazing so late. I thoroughly enjoyed all your photos, your beautful artwork and the flowers which I thank you so much for linking to Today’s Flowers. Your pancake looks delicious, will have to try that. I love blueberry pancakes but have never tried banana slices. I did not know that about Facebook. So sorry about your painting, which is lovely! Have a great week 🙂


  10. Lovely post, Jesh. Friday Greens has few rules, the main one being ensure one or more of your photos features the colour GREEN prominently. The other rule is to extend the courtesy of a link to my Friday Greens site if you are participating in the meme. Enjoy!

    Thank you for linking to Friday Greens! Look forward to you joining us this week also!


  11. I hope someone knows what the flower is as I read the comments. The snow should be over I hope. The pancakes look so yummy. I am sorry about the issue with your paintings. I didn’t know that about Facebook,,,,, Michelle


  12. “April does what it wants.” That is so true. We’ve been delightfully warm, but are having a cold snap today. I want my warm weather back! So sorry you are dealing with “borrowers”. Seems whenever you have to confront those who steal, they really think they are just borrowing. Hope you get all that resolved.


  13. I struggle with the joys of social media and the ease with which people steal other’s work. It’s why I’ve taken to watermarking all my pictures, even though I know that won’t stop everyone. Hope you get it figured out.

    The red on that tree is amazing!


  14. Pretty flowers, sorry I can not help with the id.. The sky shots are pretty too. Sorry someone stole your painting, that is awful.. Your pancakes look delicious! Have a happy weekend!


  15. i wouldn’t be surprised if google has some similar ‘ownership’ rights to anything we post on blogger, too. love the ink drawing! and the tree in the snow is very cool! thanks for the fence and tree scene!


  16. Your flower looks to be a Hyacinth – Perhaps a wild one or an older one as the blooms are smaller.
    Your drawing is wonderful as was the tree/fence shot.
    It’s really sad that people can’t respect other people’s stuff without using it as their own.


  17. I love angels and your painting is lovely. As for Face Book my goodness, I am finding more and more bad things about it. I am going to remove all my personal photos there too I think. So sad how much difficulty seems to be everywhere. But I love your blog and your stories and paintings. Thank you for sharing with us today. Have a beautiful evening and wonderful weekend,


  18. Wonderful post with some beautiful shots.
    Indeed, “April doet wat hij wil” or “April does what it wants”, but I hope the snow melted away meanwhile and nivce spring flowers are coloring your world now. 🙂


  19. This is really attention-grabbing, You’re an overly skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your feed and look ahead to searching for extra of your excellent post.
    Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks


    1. Thank you Beneful (Facebook ) for your kind comments and sharing my .com! Never dreamed I would be followed by a pet store:) How in the world did you find me?


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