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Found a new place to work on my watercolors when the deck is in the shade. Also a good place to work on my oils, so I do not have to keep airing out the living room. Can’t wait till the art studio is done so I can leave out my art supplies and keep them all in one place!






This photo does not seem to show the finished version of this 24 x 30 Oil.
(my paintings are still packed away)

After lounging today – Sunday – it suddenly occurred to me that
next week Sunday is Easter!!
Was originally going to call this post Menage a Trois after the wine,
but I thought to share this painting with you, because of the cup with wine.
The cup seems to be so important. Right off hand I remember,

Joseph was in prison – for a false rape charge – with a baker and the cupbearer (servants of the king). He interpreted a dream of the cupbearer that he would be released from prison shortly. He asked him not to forget him and two years later Joseph was released.

The cup was also the focus when Jesus turned water into wine  – his first miracle at a wedding. The cup was also significant at the last meal before he would hang on the cross, when (I imagine) he raised the cup (paraphrased)
This is the cup being poured out for you,
and a symbol of my new agreement with you …”



Wine Bottle_0228

















Lilly (modified in Texture and color)



cloud form cross

Saw this cloud, when we were visiting Big Bear Lake with two of our Dutch friends.
It fits for this week, doesn’t it?






MyEasterBasketOpa (2)


My Easterbasket with eggs, Opa … Nana … anyone!
This is Zoe, our 4th grand child. She’s now a few years older and may be embarrassed seeing this pic – so we’ll keep it between you and me.  But she does have a good fence behind her!
(Opa = hubby  Nana = moi)



I added a pic on “Bridge of Chinese Garden” for – click here: Black and white Wed.


and wish you a marvelous EASTER!



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59 thoughts on “THE CUP WITH WINE

  1. How that one phrase just brings back the smell of oil paints! You seem to be getting yourself organised as far as your painting goes. Beautiful sky for the week. Happy Easter to you and your family.


  2. Happy Easter Jesh! It will be wonderful to be with your “littles”. Enjoy. I love your painting and the picture of the lily. (And I think the picture of your granddaughter is adorable and she will too one day, even if she’s a little embarrassed right now.).


  3. I did not know that about Joseph. I suppose it’s something you don’t tell a bunch of kids in cathechism, which if I had I’d probably have paid more attention to the stories. Very nice painting. And, that cloud looks like it’s dancing. Maybe had some of that Menage a Trois. 🙂


    1. Susie, Even more amazing was that Joseph went from the prison to being Secretary of State, after he was able to interpret the King’s dreams! Why I know those stories is I had as a 10-year-old a bible with Dore’s famous pen drawings almost on every page (I am a visual learner, and can remember almost anything by remembering the pics) . Who knows (about the cloud) – I love that wine! Happy Easter to you!


      1. Wait! You’re talking about Joseph with the Multi-Colored jacket played by Donny Osmand in the musical and not Joseph the Carpenter, Mary’s man. That makes sense. Happy Easter!


      2. Hi Susie, the first one! (interesting that Donnie Osmond played that role:) ) The second one was never in prison:) This was a test of your knowledge about Joseph (haha)


  4. Lovely post! Wonderful painting and I really like your edited lily photo. Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Many thanks for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos!


  5. I came back for a second comment! Your art is so gorgeous! It is a terrific share with Ms. Jenny and the Alphabe Thursday participates! When my daughter and I made those beaded eggs we bought beaded necklaces from the Dollar Tree store! We cut them into one long strip and wrapped and glued around each egg. My daughter liked to split the eggs in half and it worked more quickly. But it can be a bit tricky trying to put them together again but that is what those glue guns are for! It was a fun project. I wish you and beautiful and blessed Easter! Thank you for your kind heart.


  6. So beautiful. My daughter, L.R. Weinberger, works in oils, too. I cannot be nearby and watch her working because I am allergic to the fumes. This is completely inconvenient because I would like nothing better than to hang out with her – and with you – sitting in the corner, drinking coffee (or some wine from that Menage a trois bottle!), watching you work. Would love to see the completed painting sometime.

    Also, loved the rephrasing of “a new covenant” as “a new agreement.” Anytime the old stories from the Bible are told, it’s good to use different words, because listeners (or readers) wake up. I am not a literalist, so your saying “I imagine” is absolutely where I am at as a spiritual person and churchgoer. Thanks! Amy


  7. Happy Easter to the both of you! To answer your question: I prefer all Bach’s music in German, but this performance in Dutch was very good and the singers had beautiful voices. They all sang with heart and soul. You could feel all emotions like sadness, love, hatred, rage…
    Thanks for visiting.
    Wil, ABCW


  8. I love the painting. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. What a great reminder of the plans that have been set out from the beginning. I could almost smell the wine when viewing the painting.
    Spring is such a wonderful time of year.


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