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Became known as the Monday Night Painter



A few weeks ago I was  in the South of California where we lived previously.
Sorry for the messy pics – unavoidable with so many sprawled on the floor!

The same sunset as at the end of this post (modified and cropped
for Mandarin Orange)



If you know any artists
they are messy
they don’t care about how things look
they don’t sit on a chair or work neatly at a table|
they plop anywhere on the floor – who cares!
They can only handle short commands, like
“Start at the Corner”
No one wonders how these corners eventually come together
just go with the flow
and it will be all right. It always does!







Used to paint in the area of Laguna Niguel, close to Laguna Beach (the beach below for Wordless) where at least 30 art galleries are located.
Yes, my paintings are for sale, and please don’t hesitate to ask me. Do not wait, they are sometimes sold so quickly, I don’t know what happened.  Of course:

I keep a digital photo for prints!
I refrain from a exhibiting at a gallery, since I don’t like to hike up the prices because they need to make 50%.
















Some pencil ability needed to draw or paint this gate, because of the angle:)



About this Monday Night

Anyone who can hold a pencil is welcome to participate, work on an individual work (what I used to do) or a group project. Since I  moved up North, I didn’t know a group of artists would paint this Monday night


You can see kids (in the middle) participate too. I have taken over that view for my own workshops, that children learn faster when they are allowed to see the process of a painting coming together.
Two ladies in the front are also working on a big project, and have it draped over a table.




This actually started with a small group of about twenty, where the intent was for people to share about what happened the week before. When one after the other started bringing an instrument,  I brought my easel and canvas.  Why not?:)

In a few years this small group grew out to this one above, and I became known by them as “the Monday night painter.” It was serendipitous that I visited  while the painters had planned a painting event.




If all of this is too weird or too artist minded,
I hope you like when I end this post with a Surprise sunset
sky below and this Camellia in Huntington Library
Gardens in Pasadena.
Wish there was a comparable Botanical Garden here!






 Join me in Celebrating Spring with COLORS this week!



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38 thoughts on “START WITH THE CORNER

  1. Wow, I wish I were there with you. Isn’t it an amazingly electric experience to be surrounded with creative friends in a supportive environment? Looks amazing.


  2. It sounds like a great collaboration, Jesh, and I love watching the process. I am insanely jealous because I don’t even know how to hold a brush. That flower in the corner looks like it will be incredibly beautiful.
    Best wishes! 🙂


  3. Took me a while to identify the gate as
    a fence – it fits so perfectly into this art post 😀
    How does that work? Each one starts at
    bottom left corner and who ever is quicker
    get most of the paper for himself? 😉 😀
    Sounds like a lot of fun to me 😀
    But who gets to take it home? 😉
    Have a beautiful day


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