Had a busy weekend! I changed my blog theme, because I got too frustrated at not being able to enlarge some of my pics. Yesterday we went to Old Town Sacramento  – a favorite place for tourists.  We used to go to Old Town whenever we visited here while we still  lived in Southern California. (This is how Southern Californians think of Northern California – people are “different” there and the culture too, lol)
We were tourists back then. Old habits die slowly!




Left the lights bouncing off from the sun and water – kinda cool


The bridge is a beautiful marker of the harbor in Old Town Sacramento. The balmy 70ties weather made us drowsy and shortened our walk significantly, just to eat a Reuben sandwich at Steamers and an ice-cream in between taking some pics.
Picked up our car from the parking garage, and drove elsewhere looking for coffee a cup of Java!



Door RefLect_9331

Reflection in window

In the Netherlands, which is my country of origin,
all houses are built with brick.
Still find this old, several stories high red brick building beautiful!





At the street, this building is protected by a sturdy gate, and below is a detail of
the morning glory growing on the wall



Morning Glory_9335






Children are not forgotten here:)


log friends have told me they had to click on the title of this post for the comment form to appear – I know – weird – it’s because I chose this theme/look/background (that’s frivolous WordPress for you:):) 



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54 thoughts on “INTIMATE CITY VIEWS

  1. Hi Jesh,

    I’m glad you returned and gave a clue about HOW/WHERE a comment can be left. It’s difficult!

    St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, so you didn’t miss it.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  2. Am on my Ipad, and I now tried for myself what everyone has been telling me today – click on the title of the post and the somment form opens up – te weirdest thing! I maybe in my heart still a Blogspotter – haha!


  3. Nice shots. So the question is, did you find that cup of Java? Finally after years and years of driving through Sacramento I finally stopped and went to Old Town. Fun few blocks to browse and eat…


  4. I really enjoyed taking a stroll with you around Sacramento. Your lovely sunny photos were like a summer balm on a cold, grey day in London. I love how you’ve captured the sunlight reflecting on windows and water. It sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxed day. All the best and Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Bonny


  5. Somebody obviously solved your ‘comments’ problem 🙂 It’s tricky, isn’t it? There are things I like about several of the themes but there’s often a down side. Following a comment you made on mine- do you have any family still in Indonesia, Jesh? Just wondered.
    Love your opening B-I-G shot 🙂


    1. Am so a-technical, I wouldn’t make it without my blog friends:):) Coming from Blogspot, 14 mo. ago, am still not used to certain things. But overall, I like wordpress much better! About Indonesia, I don’t know much about my late mother’s family because she was adopted into another fam. at the age of 3, having about 7 siblings older than she was. My mother didn’t seem interested to get to know her sibs, after she became an adult, so to answer your question: I have no idea:):)


      1. Thanks for the answer, Jesh. I can’t help these nosy questions but sometimes they’re intrusive. 😦 That’s a little sad but very understandable, I guess, to want to put it all behind you. 🙂


  6. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
    I have never been in Sacramento, even though I live “just around the corner” in Southern California, but I always wanted to go. Maybe one of these days…


    1. OK, I found it! It took a while. I clicked on the post title, but didn’t scroll down far enough at first. Old Town Sacramento sounds wonderful. I like the old brick building too!


  7. I enjoyed my tour with you and so enjoyed the sunshine most of all. I know when I change a theme on WordPress that it can change a lot of things and some I don’t like..but this looks very nice and airy…Michelle


  8. Love the bridge and the puppeteer 🙂
    I was going to say go to blogspot, but
    you like it better at wordpress. I signed
    into wordpress to be able to comment
    with a picture. And then I thought why
    not make a blog right away. Took me
    3 hours to get that little bit done. No
    way I’m going to blog over there, it’s
    way too tricky and you have to pay
    for everything that looks a bit nicer.
    That’s no place for me 😀
    Have a beautiful day
    【ツ】Knipsa <- my blog 🙂


    1. Thanks for your visit! I was going to do the same (about the bridge …and I forgot – haha – it must be our age!) OldTown isone of the few p;aces that is cozy… if you know of another place in the Sac. area let me know!


    1. Hi Teresa, do you know a good sauce for a Reuben sandwich (on rye bread)? It was delicious, but we paid $19 for the both of us (a $3- for 2 French fries was included)!


  9. I was wondering in my mind why you changed the them -and then I read it right after that (cool timing and thanks for noting why because U was curious – ha!)
    I really love the lights bouncing also – oh and there really is a completely different feel between northern and southern Cal – and I like both for different reasons…<3 have a nice weekend


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