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Deerly caught! In front of our house: Mama in front of Bambi. The small Manzanita trees with the dark red trunks are common for this neighborhood. Am experimenting with themes this weekend, because I want to be able to post bigger pics.






 the Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, CA

Why I often stay away from black and whites is because it does not give me enough structured surface, but this statue gives it all!



What are you up to this weekend?

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7 thoughts on “WEEKEND VIEWS

    1. Thank you Yvette – looked at your Bl & Whites from Florida – beautiful views! The time there in the summer for a conference, extremely frivolous weather, but I love the people there- so welcoming!
      QUESTION: I received one comment (there are usually about 10 on Monday) that she had to click on my blog’s name for the comment to appear on (my new blog theme) – did you do that?
      I wonder if it is different for people outside WordPress … please let me know ! Thank you much:)
      PS – because most people who read my stuff are from BlogSpot, they are so used to one-way-comment-form-no-matter-what-blog-theme they have, that they panic when it’s different:)


      1. Hi – well no that was not me – but I did just update my email address (for security reasons) and so you may have had to moderate my messages.

        and thanks for explaining that w/ your followers – because sit makes sense – I know when I came here from blogger it was a hard adjustment – and then I also know how some just panic with a change – lol

        have a nice day and blog hug from moi to u ❤ ❤


  1. I always love seeing the deer, cool having them so close to your home! Thank you for linking up, sorry I am late commenting!


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