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Other Post of this week’s challenges/memes


A few weeks ago we were for 10 days in Southern California for hubby’s work.  Was nice to have some warmer weather  (flip-flops!) Also ran into my artists friends unexpectedly!
Tell you about that in another post.
While hubby worked, in between working on my pastel paintings,  I had too much enough time to think about what I “needed.”




These leaves look more velvety than the one in the 2nd pic.


My staghorn fern died when it was freezing here in the mountains 😦   Happy I could go back (to the same nursery) at the right time,  because they don’t  have these always  in stock.

This plant doesn’t need soil.  You  see in the 2nd pic that a ball of sphagnum moss keeps them alive with just a little water per week. They can become quite large over time and you won’t believe it: they go up to $100 – $150 in the store!




For wordless & Rubbish



Noro Stash_0162

Two color ways of Taiyo  – 40% cotton, 30 & silk 15 % wool  15% nylon
The left colorblend is for a cowl and mitts and the right blend I’ll use  for a sweater



ModNoro Stash_0162

Modified for Mandarin Orange.  Started with filter “Paint Daubs”…

Filling up my  Noro stash. Noro, a Japanese designer who creates wild wool-alpaca-silk-angora-cotton-mohair color blends of yarn. They also have a knitting magazine, with patterns that are wild as well. The only thing that curbs my addiction is the hole in my pocket!


Tropical Passion Flower Tea_0168

I had this tea of the Coffee Bean and the Tea Leaf at a friend’s house, and fell in love with the taste.


this week’s post is combined with “Nature’s Celebration”
because it got too crazy to make a story of  it all


Thanks to All the Hosts!

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