Howdy’ this is Miss  Mishmash! You are lucky  I found these pics in the media folder of my blog ! Am still  by the sea  (so nice:)) and had to wait till I returned home to really start posting.

Several things I haven’t mastered yet on the Ipad, like how to get photos from my camera, or even Dropbox into my wordpress media folder, and linking to the memes went totally wrong:(

Balboa Isle Winter_0335

The ocean breeze reminds me to take a Good Long Break:)


Oh Dear!

Where we live now – in the middle of nowhere –  as my adult kids say, we see deer every day, sometimes a few , other times a whole group. They jump the fence, eat whatever they can find in your back yard, look at what hubby is building, and then go on

At night in the hotel have been watching a series about living in Alaska. One of the aspects was deer hunting.  Am very confused that the hunter had a moment of sadness  when he saw the deer he killed,  and said, “You did good, girl.” He sighed.  Next scene: they started skinning  the deer  … I even didn’t have to suggest to hubby to watch something else. Guess I’ve lived too long in the city:(


Don’t these look  like Spring?  Probably shot these (from archive) in the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena.

Am back home, and couldn’t go on the internet. Luckily we could still talk to our son in Holland via the Ipad’ s cellular data (now life has come to the point that things have reversed: our adult kids are worried when they can’t get in touch with us).

Today at the office hubby discovered that in the days we were gone the provider had changed to another system … and had lost all paper work on us!




If you have trouble finding reflections, go to a parking lot:)



Fences on Hills_0062

On your way  back home on Wednesday we drove through this beautiful range of hills. Discovered these fences while driving by:)





It pays to travel (back home) – you’re bound to see  some awesome views!


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25 thoughts on “MISH MASH

  1. Sorry yo took ill. Hubby continued for you and pictures were lovely. May you be feeling better. I missed the entry by 3 minutes. So left my picture still in my blog. Not sure why it closed unless being a Canadian time factor difference.


  2. Hi Jesh are you feeling better now? Beautiful botanic garden. My favourite botanic garden is the one in Cooktown. Mainly because the coffee and food are delicious, the garden gives a lot of information about the interesting vegetation.
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW


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