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Had aleady posted a painting of three roses, but  when I saw a Book of Love on the beach in my mind – withered, but with a beautiful cover, tattered , and some pages mssing –  I changed my mind, because it was  a few days before Valentine’s Day. It came to me that some things about love have been forgotten.

I imagined that if you saw a book laying on the beach, withered by time, you might have picked it up. I drew it from scratch, then put watercolor over it, then soft pastel. It’s not finished yet.  Read who the real Valentine was  … he was much closer to love than (the movie) 50 shades of grey.

On whatever day, I wish you much love in your life! If I  would have had a  wish for Valentine’s Day, it would have be en somewhere by the ocean and … having a lot of chocolate!     PierCafe_5722


Casual and relaxing chattering birds on the rocks and on the roof



*      Bougainvilla_5983   where hardy Bougainvilla and cacti grow *







Glass Fence on the deck (2nd story) of our friends for protection. The image  for “Wordless”  (below) is very near by  – hangout of lots of birds and sea lions









But … I stayed “home.” My plan, if that would happen was at least  to eat at the crepery or the Italian and spending my day painting or knitting … and … I ended up packing!

Did your plans pan out, or… did they fall in the water ? (it’s a Dutch saying)

Update: But packing was not as bad as it sounds, for the next day  I went with hubby close to the sea for a week for his work. Will only have the Ipad with me – which is harder to link to the memes – sorry if it does not work out!


Thanks to All the hosts Sunday in my City  * Blue Monday  Travel Photo  Mandarin Orange Random-osity  * Whim windows & Doors  * Our World  *  Nature Notes  *   Blick Dienstag Wordless  * ABC– F  *  Waterworld  Outdoor Wed.  * Alphabe – N  * Little Things  *   Good Fences  * Up Down View  * Floral Friday Foto  *  Sky Watch  Weekend Reflection  * Blooming Friday  *   Fri. Photo Journal  Todays Flowers  Pink Saturday  Maleviks Rosen  * Sat. Critters  *


44 thoughts on “WISHES, WISHES

    1. Oops where did my comment go… my excuse for not getting along with the Ipad is that artists are usually a-technical, lol! In case you didn’t receive it – Next time you come to LA -area try to visit Corona del Mar Beach and Balboa island – that is what local Californians love. Downtown LA is always hot (traffic doesn’t help either) The diamond district is interesting to visit if you like jewelry. Have fun in Las Vegas – a lot of blitz!


      1. Home now and catching up!
        Next time I’ll come for a proper holiday and get out to the beaches and generally chill more. But I enjoyed downtown – not too hot, just I hadn’t packed for summer weather!


  1. Beautiful sketch. We are staying warm and cozy today. Lots of snow falling outside. Even my doctor is off today. I had an appointment for a sinus infection and he is home with wife and two sick kids! He was kind enough to call in a prescription for me and I do appreciate that. Hope your day is perfect and you enjoy the ocean.


  2. I so agree with your sketch. Those who think love is anything like 50 Shades are sadly mistaken. – I’ve never seen glass fencing before, it gives one a great view point though. Loved the beautiful flowers on the hillside.


  3. It´s always nice to spend some time on the sea, your pictures look so sunny and summerlike. And what about your imagination to find a Book of Love on the beach, so romantic, a lovely Valentine´s present. My interest was aroused, so I have been reading lots of your blogposts, your paintings and quotes. I certainly will be back.


  4. really enjoyed the creative flow of the post – great shots and opening art share. the lady’s hair was my favorite part – and her dress – but the romantic way this unfolded was beautiful – 🙂


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