A WEEKEND TREE and more …




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For Sunday Black and White and Sky Watch

Have been toying with the idea to show a tree, maybe weekly?  Since I live in the mountains and forest area, there are gazillions of them.  Also, I happen to like painting trees too:)

Referring to my post Life of a Tree, the week before Christmas 2014 – in my mind they are Watchers in the landscape. They can become a few hundred years old. Can you imagine the stories they could tell if they could talk?  Very intriguing!

A week and weekend update

Friday night we came home from our grocery shopping in  Sacramento and discovered that it was also raining where we lived. Something hubby had hoped for.





He had poured the concrete for the retaining wall  (to keep the soil in place) on Wednesday. Apparently when concrete is poured, it needs to be cured for two weeks at least – so we need some rain…



Am watching this from the deck (after the guy who was initially very loud has become quiet, I sensed: issues with the pouring in the wooden forms that hubby built from scratch.
You see only one third of the wall. Am not alarmed cuz hubby in blue sweater always knows what to do:)



CandleJanuari14 055

Weekend Update

From Friday on we received more rain and wind than we hoped for.
Power outages  in Sacramento with a radius of 1 1/2 hrs.
Out came the candles.
We were fortunate, because the outages were only three times for a few minutes.


CandleModJanuari14 055

This one is modified for Mandarin Orange

Today (Saturday) on the news we heard about a big storm in San Francisco all the way to three and a half hours East –  thousands of people are without power. As well as  a large fire in Fresno, about 3 hrs.  away from us and already some homes have been lost.


Nature has gone wild –
Be Safe out there!

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Thank you All Hosts!
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11 thoughts on “A WEEKEND TREE and more …

  1. I’m glad I found where to comment. This is a lovely tree photo and it looks incredible in B&W. I wish I could live in your area too. Thank you so very much for this entry. Happy Sunday!


  2. There are particular trees that I watch through the year, but I have not thought to keep a regular record of what they look like. it does sound an interesting idea…
    I hope the fire is out, and the flood waters have receded, and all is well!!


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