Thoroughly enjoyed the variety of comments on the post about the coffee and tea experience last week! It gave me much to  consider about the direction of my posts, which have usually been more neutral.


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One of my favorite past times is to drive on the 101 , the W-coast highway, from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and Solvang. Of course you could continue your sight seeing trip to San Francisco, and even further North.















While often a fog hangs over the Pacific ocean on the left until about 11 am, on the right we pass  luscious greens where the sun and clouds likes to play.

Notice the fence in the beginning of the pier (view above this one)







Passing the Bradbury Dam, surrounded by these odd brown hills. The featured  image on top is the sitting area in the shade.  It has the feeling of an old olive grove where you keep wanting to go back to.






Modified for Mandarin Orange

taking at walk on main street Santa Barbara. Birds of Paradise on the sunny side, and reflections on the shady side of the street. Or, walk into one of the neighborhoods. A great small city feeling.






These benches along the street inviting you to stay –  Hubby can keep reading a book while I shop:)


What is your Favorite Road Trip ?


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41 thoughts on “A DRIVE ON THE 101

  1. I have loved at least part of every roadtrip we’ve ever taken; we have gypsy feet I guess. Santa Barbara is a wonderful destination; we used to travel there sometimes when we lived in Oregon. Have not been to California for way too long now.

    Last summer’s long roadtrip through Alaska surely qualifies as my current favorite however! WE had a wonderful time.


  2. A beautiful area – of course I love the photo of the sea best but I also especially like the Bird of Paradise flowers which I also have growing in my front garden.


  3. I confess that I have NEVER been to California. These shots make me want to see it for myself. I LOVE any trips I have taken around the Great Lakes. I have seen the Atlantic…but I was not a photographer then so doubt I saw it as I would NOW!


  4. I love your share! A beautiful drive and one of these days I am going to take my hubby on a trip and we are going to drive the 101 too! We love traveling to Kansas because our youngest son attends college there. He is a runner and we love watching him run. Also being a Colorado native, the flatness of Kansas intrigues , I love taking photos of farms and old barns etc. But I love any road trip. Except Arizona, that is another sotry for another time. LOL! Come visit soon.


  5. Nice shots!
    I don’t like to travel..no, I like traveling but not sitting for hours in a car, plane…but exploring new places is great!


  6. very nice
    To your point about blogging, I like the variety of topics myself, which I TRY to do myself. Maybe today’s post isn’t someone’s cuppa, but there’s always tomorrow.



  7. Lovely post! We’ve done many road trips and we’ve enjoyed all of them. One of my most memorable is the Milan to Paris, along the Riviera and up through Provence.
    Many thanks for your participation in Floral Friday Fotos!


  8. California is truly one of the prettiest states! and I have actually driven by the Bradbury Dam in 2002 – and we went through Los Banos on our way from san jose to long beach….
    It was right around the time Lacy Peterson was still missing and I just remember signs for her were up (and we prayed about it).
    anyhow, the blue in the first photo is so beautiful – my fav of the post! 🙂


    1. I agree, the beauty! When I asked my sister in law (from Holland) what she liked the most about CA, she responded with “the beach.” About your reply to the coffee and tea post – this is the first time someone told me straight out that Starbucks didn’t sit well! I started wondering if the popularity of Starbucks holds people back to give an honest response because it might be seen as negative… Anyways, I always enjoy your chats even though I’m often slow with my reply:):)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well never worry about replying – 🙂 – even though you know I totally enjoying crossing blog paths with ya – but always take your time or don;t reply at all – just keep it natural, right?

        and for starbucks – well I really am still so checked they are still around – even though I heard they had a slump a few years ago and even closed some locations. I dunno – but I still have one of the best garden trowels I have ever owned – and it was bought from a starbucks in denver in 1998. funny that they sold those then – but it was wrapped with a mug and coffee pack –
        hugs ❤ and good day to you jesh!


  9. How fun this was. A couple of years ago I got to drive up and down the 101 seeing the coast and places like Old Town and Disneyland too!


  10. Driven many times from LA to the areas around San Jose over the years and always enjoyed the scenery on the 101. Now I prefer to fly and not quite the same! Love those beautiful brown hills.


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