Balboa Park – San Diego

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Am so sorry -made the mistake in publishing my post Vineyard in December is  but that one is for next week – so I put it back in draft!

Love to spend time in Balboa Park in San Diego – it won’t be often anymore since we moved to N. Calif. – which is not only a park, but also a cultural center.  Most of the buildings have an opulent Spanish building style. Several museums and restaurants, surrounded by fountains and flowers, a botanical building, and an artist corner with several kinds of arts.

Not to mention many trees, lawns and other places to sit, as well as opportunity for street performers, plant and flower shows. A little city in itself.




The side of the grand platform




The front side of the platform for (mostly organ) concerts and a gallery of pillars on each side. Beautiful background, much used  for wedding photography.  Photo below is taken by hubby:) – oh, what a difference of 10 pixels more on a camera can do for a photo!









Fence frontDome 300

About the only place in Balboa Park I could find a fence, as a division between the restaurant and the dome and tower behind it. Have noticed that in the city are much less fences  and in rural areas.






The Botanical building with many orchids has a long pond in front,  laced with these  water lilies. These 3 are actually a vibrant yellow, not white! Usually eat a packed lunch  here:) Close by,  monthly displays and meetings  of horticultural associations







What does this cloud  look to you?



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48 thoughts on “Balboa Park – San Diego

  1. The could also looks like an angel to me.
    I’ve always loved Balboa Park and used to spend a lot of time there. If I had to live in a city setting, I’d opt for San Diego.
    Nice pics!


  2. Hi Jesh,

    The cloud looks like one of those caterpillars with many legs!

    I can see why you’d love this place as there is such beauty. I love the waterlilies; I understand why Monet painted them. Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  3. I can see why that building would be popular for wedding photography — beautiful! Love the water lilies, and the cloud? Maybe a fuzzy lotus blossom!


  4. Lovely buildings and blue skies. You made me look forward to when the water lilies are with us again over here as we are experiencing an Atlantic ‘weather bomb’, high winds, hail and rain.
    Thanks for updating me on your painting, I like a bit of anticipation. How nice to have your son visit for an extended time, precious days.


  5. Ah… You’ve brought back delightful memories of our trip there several years ago! Wonderful shots.
    Many thanks for joining Floral Friday Fotos last week. Look forward to your next contribution.


  6. first off, before I forget (!) the cloud looks like a phoenix rising from the fire. When I lived in California, I never made it all the way south to San Diego. It’s on my bucket list for the US {:-Deb


  7. Must make a lovely wedding setting.
    I’m getting to spend a few days in LA in Feb en route to a conference but there won’t be time to get south.
    I love the photo you have chosen to link into the up down challenge – thanks to your hubby 🙂


  8. The Balboa Park looks amazing ; I had no idea it was possible to find that type of architecture so rococo in San Diego… Thanks for the tour, dear, I’ve enjoyed it a lot.


  9. Great memories from your life in SoCal … but I scrolled down your posts (that I missed while we were traveling) and obviously you made the right choice to move closer to your family. Lovely TG celebrations and I enjoyed catching up o all your posts.


  10. These are fantastic photos and bring back wonderful memories. When we lived in San Diego well over 20 years ago, we visited often. We have also been back for vacations since, the last time a couple of years ago. The photo link to our bio on my side bar of hubby and me was taken in Balboa Park. Have a great weekend!


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