What a treat!
No more 7 hrs. drive  for the holidays, now we live up North. This Thanksgiving it’s at my daughters’ whose hubby will graduate in a few weeks with his education degree.  He’ll be a very pleasant English teacher:)
As food is prepared, things are still pretty much under control.
“Everyone helps” is the Unanimous motto!





Modified Watercolor and dry brush PS for Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF

But soon after the desserts –  which hubby choose because it was it can’t be true his 70th birthday – the little kids played their heart out, and the moms and pops decided they would have a little fun too with board games …





…it was when two tired princesses snuggled on the couch with their grand parents …





cousins making wise cracks in between …









… Daisy  came down in an effort not to give in to sleepiness after the meal, since her sister Izzy  had already conked out …
(just read that it is not Tryptophan that causes it)




Daisy, the princesses, the cousins, and the parents  did not hear the click-click of Daisy’s prom shoes on the kitchen tiles
when 2 year old Bee decided she could be a big girl too!



GettingAway with it_3062


but little Bee  did not count on Nana’s Secret Weapon!


 This week Nov. 30 – Dec. 6      I’m running 2 posts at the same time (This one – Thanksgiving Moments and the one below:
After Thanksgiving)  -it’s gonna be interesting, since I almost never use perma links (so I’m apologizing beforehand if my memory fails me)


Thanks to All the Hosts

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  1. Hi Jesh,

    HB to your hubby! Thanksgiving with family is the BEST!

    Your grandchildren are beautiful, and I love the blue Daisy’s with her blue eyes.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!


  2. Such lovely phamily photos you have shared. I love the lil one in the grown up shoes. So sweet and those blue eyes are gorgeous! Happy Blue Monday and enjoy your week.


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