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…and a Happy Thanksgiving to all!

On the eve of Thanksgiving I was going to post some things I am thankful for. On second thought, it’s also  the eve of a depressing time  for many, who are trying to cope with any kind of loss.

Drinking coffee at Peets,  hubby started reading the Sacramento Bee of Sunday, Nov. 16.  I became intrigued, and got the whole story for myself.

In short, the police were on a man hunt of a couple accused of having  shot 4 people and killed two cops.  In this chase with dozens of police, armored vehicles and helicopters, they went into a house to seek for cover.




Click on image to get the intro of the story. The second pic is the official announcement that this house had been tear gassed.


The owners of the house, a retired couple, were away for the weekend, but the brother was home in the basement. He fled and told the police. They deployed teargas, shot 8 windows, and all their belongings are destroyed.

A cleaning crew  went through every item in the home to determine if it could be salvaged.  Since then the couple lives in their 25 foot trailer at the edge of their property because of the residual fumes of the tear gas.

What if this had been you?

By no fault of their own they suddenly lost their whole history, except for the skeleton of the house. First their insurance didn’t want to pay – now they pay part. The county pays part. The silver lining is that all kinds of people have stepped up to give donations, food, etc. Because the two cops were killed the owner doesn’t see himself as a victim. He sure does more than surviving!



FadingFlowerBow07 536 copy

a faded rose on my table – only edits on background, not on flower


 No matter where you are at in life, your age or gender, what job you hold, what relationships you have, which house or room you call your own, there are two ways

one is survival
the other is blooming

When we only see clouds above us, we sometimes forget that the sky is blue and that the sun is shining behind the clouds. Especially when those clouds have not moved in years.



Managing to bloom on rock and in triple digit heat

(Modified for Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF)


Am I just surviving or existing, or am I blooming?
Do I need courage to face my fears, anger, failure, passivity, or depressed attitude so I can bloom?
There’s no shame – it’s the smart thing to do to get help.

Get good help (note: not medication – it only covers up the problem and delays the restoration of yourself).
Not someone who tells you what you want to hear. Good help may take time and can be very painful or expensive. Because you may have been living with lies all these years,  the lies have become your friends.



Fall Rain_2946


You may have to hold on very tightly, not to slip into the blues nostalgia  seeing the leaves yellowing, falling off, turning brown and paper thin. It  may make you feel like you’re on a slippery slope and sink in a hole too deep to pull yourself out.





The storm left her bereft of leaves, but immovable






Grit your teeth if you have to, but be determined to make it through below zero and snow in the winter. That’s endurance.


A daily recipe. Eat, drink, sleep, and dream HOPE


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  1. Hi Jesh – This was such a wonderful post – and the flow was so unique – and I enjoyed the way you were succinct and then did some weaving of excellent images to go with your encouragement and exhorting… and could comment more but will wrap it up with one important thing to note that really stood out – the term “good help” – because not all advice, counsel, or wisdom is helpful or useful – and I think it was Bill Hybels who said that over the years he really made mental notes of who was wise and knowledgable in certain areas – and then he knew who to go to for various topics – like he knew that so and so was astute in finances and that the other so and so had deep wisdom on parenting – and he said he thanked God for the mini experts he had across his path – and it reminds me of Proverbs 20:5 “Counsel in the heart of a man is like deep water: but a wise man will draw it out.” hm – well I dunno….
    anyhow, hope you have a nice thanks giving too – and I am thankful our blog paths have crossed this year 🙂 ❤


  2. Jesh, so much to reflect on in this post… I am incredibly grateful for all that I have in my life. I am very fortunate to work with Asylum Seekers. Through this work I have a daily reminder to be grateful for my family and my health, as those I work with so often have neither. I love your flower and question about whether we are blooming.
    I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and I noticed a Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    Here’s to a blooming good week for you!
    Wren x


  3. Hi Jesh,

    What a deeply thoughtful post. I feel for the couple who lost so much, but I am happy that they still have each other. Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Give your hubby a Happy Birthday kiss!

    Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I have a problem getting to your post – could you check it out?
    I love that faded rose!! I am not big on roses, but I do like them when they are fading…
    And that couple in Sacramento! What a horrible thing to happen to them!!! I am glad the community is opening its arms to them!


  5. Your whole post has a soft, gentle, nostalgic feel to it…very calming…especially your MoM image. I like the way it seems to melt into the page. Thanks for sharing with Mandarin Orange Monday:)


  6. Very thought provoking post. Wow, I guess you never know when you will lose all your ‘stuff’. I have learned not to get attached to stuff but something like this would still be devastating. It’s good that the community is helping out.


  7. Lovely post, but have to add, don’t dismiss medication for all. For some of us it is genetic and we need the input. I have been happily, steadily, living a fruitful and satisfying life for these last thirty years on medication. I am THANKFUL for doctors who have wisdom — not all of them do. I’m 77 and looking forward to reaching 88 and still making a contribution to life.


  8. hi jesh, i sent you an email but haven’t heard back so i’ll leave a comment. i didn’t see a fence in this post. maybe i missed something? maybe you missed adding a fence photo before you linked in to good fences? please let me know. thanks! 🙂


  9. One thing I’ve learned in recent years is that we tend to look in the wrong direction. For instance, we often see those who have more when in reality there are many more that have less. It’s just learning to look the right way.


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