Fall Business

Cutting trees, drying lines, 10-stitch blanket – it’s all new to me!

Cut Trees_2603


Our first  new job of “gardening”  ( lol)  was to cut off branches and clean the gutters (for our home insurance). This is nothing compared to what we saw down the street. A  scary-hard-hatters tree cutter’s team cutting down giant pines, but it helps our son-in-law did major part of ours.





On my walk to the mailbox (yes, city kids, I walk to the end of the street to get my mail!) I saw this gate, with a sign “Posted,”  and a warning not to trespass. My guess is that Teresa from Run-a-roundranch knows what that means?  Any Takers? It does not have a “For Sale” sign, or the Sign of a Real Estate agent.




Had a gas stove and dryer. My experiment is to see whether I can do it without these two appliances, since at my new house in the mountains everything is electric.  (My daughter thinks electric cooking is the pits and bought a gas stove as soon as she could).






Cropped and modified for Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF


These foldable drying lines above come from Australia – those round holes on each side  are for hangers. Hubby told me that his mom dried clothes outside even when it snowed! Don’t know if I would like to rough it to that degree!
“Did the clothes ever get dry,” I asked doubtfully.  According to him, they eventually did.






Doubting Frowning, “Hope that ant guard will do the job … I don’t think hummingbirds like ants in their food  …”
(now if I could only get my reflections like James from Weekend Reflection, sigh)





Is it gonna be anything?

Well… you start wuth 10 stitches … and end the blanket with 10 stitches
and how do you get around the corner?
glad you asked! If you’re tinerested PurlBee.com shows wrapping stitches the best.
For the 10 stitch blanket go to Verypink.com or YouTube.


I you’re not into Knitting, skip this part  and pick up with the Sky pic, but this is my Fall project!


 Am knitting with a double thread

After knitting 18 straight rows of Right Side- knit, Wrong Side -knit (makes one wave or rib), so  9 waves,


you have come to the first half of the mitered corner
On the Right Side wrap * around the 10 stitch, next RS:  wrap around the 9th stitch till you have 2 stitches left.
*to wrap a stitch: bring yarn forward, and wrap it around the next stitch, and bring yarn to the back – and turn your work.
After you turned to Wrong Side of your work, bring your yarn to the back and continue knitting till the end.
This is where I got stuck.
Leave the wrapped stitch alone and turn your work (do not knit the 10th stitch) and knit the rest of the stitches.  Next (Right Side), wrap the 9th stitch, and turn work (now 2 stitches are not knitted), etc.

After you have wrapped 8 stitches the fist half of the mitered corner is done.





the second half of the mitered corner:
Remember you had 2 stitches left. On next RS wrap the 3rd stitch. Continue till you have 10 stitches wrapped. Voila! The beginning of the blanket is the hardest. When you’re through your first mitered corners you have it made:)


Do I have enough Zeal to finish?- when this blanket is done, I’m probably “pinked out”!


 Click on the pic to enlarge!


So much to do – I should not forget to look at the sky!



purple Orchids_5802


 … or to smell the flowers!


Have you started your Christmas prep yet?


BY THE WAY.  wow amazed that most of the 42 comments on my last post, referred to the pumpkin seeds! In recent years I’ve discovered that so many herbs and plants have healing properties. We would be dumb not to make use of it!


 Just a Reminder: comment section is right below the Title of this Post:)



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42 thoughts on “Fall Business

  1. The blanket looks interesting. I guess you have to try it to really understand how it works. I’ve seed Christmas decorations in the stores here too, but I’m not ready to start decorating yet. I don’t usually decorate all that much anyway. Have a great week!


  2. In Finland we dry clothes and let babies sleep outside in the winter time too (not when it’s really cold!). The air is clean and fresh – clothes and babies smell good! 🙂


  3. Wow, enjoy your new house in the mountains, that sounds wonderful! I have a friend who hangs her laundry indoors in the winter, she says it doesn’t take more than a day or two to dry… good luck!


  4. The tree cutting looks scary. If I was involved “fall” would take on a whole different meaning!
    You make the pink blanket look and sound easy, but it’s a long time since I’ve picked up the knitting needles! I think I’ll just wait to see your finished version.


    1. Smile – you caught my drift:) I like those words or expressions with a double meaning. I took this pic and then went inside, so I didn’t have to worry (it’s called denial:):) )


  5. Hi Jesh,

    I agree with your daughter’s opinion of preferring a gas stove, even though I’ve been forced to used electric most of my life!

    It’s always important to keep looking UP. Thanks for sharing.

    Please consider returning and leaving a comment for me.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!


  6. So many interesting things to do and see! I love the tree cutting episode. And the clothes drying rack is perfect! No electric drier ever makes clothes smell like sunshine 🙂


  7. You lost me on the knitting (my word you are such a multi-talented woman) … is there anything you can’t do? Loved the tree cutting though and the rest of your interesting post. When we were very young parents we lived for a couple of years in a harsh winter climate … I hung diapers and sheets outside in all weather and they would actually freeze dry! Brought them in and stacked them like cordwood in front of the wood stove and they would thaw and be dry and ready to fold (or reuse). (Very young is the operative phrase here, could never live like that now.)


  8. Interesting post!!
    Re hanging out laundry in winter – my Mom remembers when the men all wore long johns, and you would bring them in from the line so stiff they could stand by themselves!
    I have always had electric appliances – likely it is a matter of what you grow up with.
    So far as I know, if a property is posted, it means no trespassing.


  9. Looks like a wonderful place to live!!

    Here in Wales, we get so much rain in the winter months that hanging out washing is a no-go….it would NEVER get dry!! 🙂

    No idea what all the knitting stuff was about. I find quantum physics easier to follow!! LOL.


  10. I also prefer gas cooking to electric, although I now have an electric oven. i dried my clothiers on a line, both outside and inside, for many years, but now depend on the dryer in my new home. I find the dryer leaves less wrinkles most of the time if I sue the right setting. Outside clothes smell better!


  11. Hi Jesh – well the clothes dryer is cool – and I heard that in summer some folks air dry some items just for the fresh smell! but for us, at our house in CO -which was built in ’58 – well they had the cement in-ground clothes line and we had them removed because they took up so much yard space – but it really reminded me of different times – and your pink knitting project looks fun –

    oh, and last comment (lol) I fully agree with essential oils. And my little analogy with them reminds me of the word of God. Because you see,for years and years I used essential oils for smells. A little peppermint for the bathrooms and lavender for wrists – or bedroom pillows – for relaxing etc. Anyhow, when I was healing last spring from something stubborn – essential oils were KEY! I was shocked by the potent healing power. and well, I think that is how the word of God is – you can read it and it is great and all that – but then something comes up and you “use” it like a sword – or you allow it to have that healing effect on the spirit – and you see that is is healing, life giving and more than just words – just powerful – but it takes living it to get it.

    anyhow, have a great week – 🙂 ❤


  12. Busy times in Autumn! Fortunately our climate is very mild and clothes always dry outside.
    Thanks for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos, I look forward to your next contribution!


    1. HI I thought I would come back to your blog just to tell you that your comment did go though twice and I appreciate that. I have just read what I wrote to you before and it did give me a real laugh when I say I ‘fry’ my clothes. Well I suppose they would dry quickly that way but of course I meant ‘dry’!! I only live half an hour from Belfast and often go up there in the train but usually do not have my camera with me. perhaps I should take it more often. Anyway, have a lovely weekend


  13. Cutting trees can be a tricky business. I have no clue wha the sing on the gate means other then they don’t want people on their property (perhaps hunters). I’ll stick to using my dryer and we have gas heat, and a gas dryer and a gas cooking stove.


  14. I forgot to tell you that my Mom used to knot and crochet and yet I have few of her pieces. I am looking on Etsy for a baby blanket for my daughter’s baby and I keep thinking how Mom would have loved to knit for her Great-grandchild…sigh…Michelle


  15. You seems to have a lot of fun with all those novelties in your life… That is a great weekend reflection contest participation, dear.


  16. Love your clothes airer (Aussie here) …my washing is outside year round (undercover) and the dryer is only used for desperate times when something really has to get dried quickly. Love your knitting too…it is one of those skills I could never mastered no matter how hard I tried. Thank you for sharing…HPS Michelle


  17. “Posted” “No Trespassing”
    If that information is not on a gate, you can open the gate and walk, or drive right in. All you have to do, is close the gate behind you. The signs are required to announce that the land is private, rather than public.


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