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Where I lived before – in Southern California – Fall is not very visible. Hardly any change in trees and shrubs, only a little bit chillier at night.


redpumpkin (2)


A red & orange one among the whites




The stores will not let us forget it’s  Fall season. Love the variety they have now in pumpkins.

A few years ago I was plagued by sciatiga and carpel tunnel, to the point some suggested a wheel chair. Since my brother is an MD, I knew that doc’s would give me: steroids and I was not about to ingest that, even though it took me 3 hours to make a simple  meal,  and hardly could lift a gallon of milk with both hands when extremely focused. I went on line to look, and I prayed God would give me a solution (because He’s much smarter than my doc degree, lol!).

One morning I woke up with the word pumpkin seeds.
Had no clue they have anti- inflammatory properties. After a few days eating a fist full, the itching and swollen hands, feet, ankles was less.
From losethebackpain.com I learned that, because of my job as a therapist certain muscles became over-developed and others
under-developed, eventually after so many years of bad posture resulting in pain.
In recent years they’ve discovered the damage of inflammation, next to heart disease. Much has to do with diet and life style.

It took a full year of recovery with exercise and anti-inflammatory food/herbs and prayer. In the beginning I walked virtually every day (1/2 hour) just to be able to get through the day.

But now I can run again, jump, and lift moving boxes with books in them,



SilverLake armsopenwide

SIlver Lake at 7000 feet – great for kayaking!

or spin my 7Year-old grand son around:) He’s a ham as you can see (I didn’t tell him to stand like this!)





For Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF


A few weeks ago I saw Pumpkin Spice cereal at Trader Joe’s (on right in pic.  For outside the USA – a healthier store than the regular )  and if you like Granola, this is heaven. The pumpkin pancake mix I got for my daughter whose family eats gluten free.




Fall Leaves_1363

For Outdoor Wed.

I choose the most colorful tree in  Fall at the coast of Southern California – around Thanksgiving!




For Sky Watch

Am so jazzed I see every sky and sunset  from my window now I live in the North





For Natures Notes, Blo-Ma, ABC Wed., Floral Fri Foto, Todays Flowers, Weekend Reflection, Pink Saturday, Maleviks Show

You see the heart sideways, on the left of the middle of the flower?


NEVERTHELESS, In California, we are Quite spoiled with having flowers  around the Year.


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44 thoughts on “PUMPKIN SEASON

  1. Isn’t know that bout pumpkin seed and appreciate the tip! It’s going to be fun for you celebrating all the Holidays in your home! Hope you get some nice Fall color. Love how your GS is posing..he looks full of joy of living!


  2. Wonderful shots, I haven’t seen a red pumpkin before. Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better now. I know what it’s like not to be able to run and jump, which I can do a little of these days with new medication for rheumatoid arthritis.


  3. Great tip re the pumpkin seeds – I’ll give them a go! You’ve sure had some physical health issues to contend with – I imagine your passion for painting has been very therapeutic. Thanks for sharing and glad your health has improved. Have a great week.


  4. Great photos and thanks for the tip about the anti-inflammatory properties of pumpkin seeds. I will certainly be adding them to my food. We don’t have many autumn colors where I live in the sub-tropics – the seasons just don’t happen the same way – so I really like all the beautiful autumn colors some are showing on their blogs.


  5. And pumpkin seeds tastes good, too! I love to put them on salads, pies, yoghurt … Isn’t it strange how we treat our bodies with the strangest so called food? Artificial colour and flavouring, manipulated crops, sweeteners etc.
    I’m so happy to hear about your recovery!


  6. I really like your new blog theme – and whew- I am still tweaking mine – it is not that easy and plus I like to change things up sometimes. anyhow, I like your side bar and bottom bar – and love the two shots of your in action. 😉
    now to this post – delightful mix of personal and societal – like I agree Fall is everywhere in the air – and we were jet in trader joe’s and bought a huge bag of pears for 2.49 – and other goodies (like India cuisine) but what a store, what a store!
    I saw the heart in the flower photo and it made me smile, and so did your ham of a grandson – so thx for that and hope you have a great week <3<3


    1. Oh – I also heard that pumpkin seeds are really great for men’s prostrate health. and quick story – last week they had a harvest fest and people had to bring snacks and baked goods. well someone brought in two huge bags of roasted pumpkin seeds – and while not everyone picked them over brownies or butterfingers – some handfuls were enjoyed and well, I say 3 cheers to whoever brought that nutritionally dense little snack. 🙂 TTYL


      1. okay – so I am back – wanted to share a quick photo – because after I posted this I walked to the kitchen and saw the seeds sitting there 0- and my phone was in hand and voila!


      2. ugh my hand slipped, so am replying again to make sure you’ll get it…
        You can seem me smile, can’t you? Right on top of the apply pie:)
        About the essential oils – can you refer me to a website that explains it all – I know about peppermint from a friend, but not which other oils there are, and what the benefit is based upon… have a great week!


  7. I love your pumpkin your shared on MoM…the colours are beautiful and its is perfect against the white ones. As for pumpkin seeds… I am looking for a solution to my aches..thank you… I will try it. And congratulations on your recovery!:) …and thanks for sharing with Mandarin Orange Monday:))


  8. Great post and some wonderful photos. We eat a lot of pumpkin seeds and they are delicious as well as good for you!
    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos, hope to see your work there again this week!


  9. Thank goodness you took the option to research a solution to your health issues and didn’t just head straight for the wheelchair, like many would. I love to hear stories like this, I have not idea about the healing power of pumpkin seeds, just off to research whether we can get them here – We loved Trader Joe’s which was right underneath my daughter’s NYU student room.
    Enjoy your week and thank you for your e-mail!
    Wren x


  10. Thanks for the pumpkin seed info. I have both of those afflictions myself and although there is a drug that really helps (Lyrica), I do not want to take it either. So, pumpkin seeds it is!

    Beautiful photos! Speaking of Autumn, to me the only difference I notice, is the shorter days.


  11. Hi Jesh ~~ Pretty flowers, for the “Yellow” I’ll say extra nice. My grandmother lived at Warrenton, Oregon, and she almost always had flowers growing and blooming. We have the hot but not the rain you get here in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. So, not so many are blooming after spring has finished.


  12. Such a joyful series of moments you’ve shared! I do hope you will participate in the Gratitude Quilt this year it is simple to do and will make your heart happy when you see the love unfurl on Nov 27th. Instructions at the top of my blog, if I’ve already asked you I apologize for being annoying 🙂


  13. I like your picture of orange pumpkin among the white ones : it is such a lovely composition… But I’m really in love with your last picture, the drawn flower ; it has such a nostalgic atmosphere…


  14. Really interesting post especially about the pumpkin seeds. A few years ago I suffered from CTS and had steroid injections. Unfortunately they didn’t work. As I suffer from motion sickness I wear travel bands when I’m travelling and realised that wearing them continually also got rid of the CTS. Has worked on more than one occasion.


  15. This is a very inspiring post and one I shall keep bookmarked. I will be going to Trader Joe’s this week, it is a wonderful store and I’m happy we have one nearby. Thank you for sharing with Today’s Flowers. Have a great week 🙂


  16. As you mention about your lack of fall color, we have the same here in south Florida. Interesting info about the pumpkin seeds. Yesterday I threw out a bunch of Acorn Squash seeds– they look like pumpkin seeds and wonder if they have the same properties.


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