A Stroll in Huntington Garden



AHA – I found Theme Twenty Fourteen  which has the comment section  right underneath the title of the post (on top).

Loved the Bushwick theme but the comment section kept disappearing. I just don’t have enough knowledge  about codes to know how to fix it permanently. Thanks to all of you who took it in stride, helped me understand the hieroglyphics of WordPress, and gave a comment per email!

After looking  at XXX  blogs (meaning multiple, lol)  I can still read this font without squinting! This header is a roadside in beautiful Utah (own photo) – somehow it reminds me on chocolate mousse:)

The Huntington  Library in Pasadena is a piece of almost  Paradise with all the variety of  gardens they have developed.





This is part of the Japanese Garden, marked by tranquility and artful forms.
Does a handrail of that little bridge also constitute “a fence”? Hope so:)










Happily swimming in the same pond, the goose and Koi






Not much of a story this week – am letting nature speak for itself, because I have to finish a birthday scarf for my daughter this week.  And I finished it in the wee morning hours on Thursday – yay!) The yarn is “Tweed Stripes” from Lionbrand – a versatile and pretty orange-red-Bordeau yarn – my own stitch design, so the back side is as pretty as the front side. Am blocking it, because it rolls over like a tube.

“Blocking” means stretching it with pins on a bed, and spraying it with water for a day or two



NEVERTHELESS, still a significant moment this week
for on Monday I did what I postponed for years, to become a dot com  🙂

   my NEW URL is JeshStGermain.com            – happy, because by the time I came to
wordpress, so many times I  ended up typing  blogpress.com




Am not sliding by though without sharing the raddest (same as super cool:)  )   cloud formations when we had high winds last week.
Have a great week all of you!

P.S. The first two shots are hubby’s!



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33 thoughts on “A Stroll in Huntington Garden

  1. The Huntington Library grounds really are amazing. We like to go to a restaurant close to there in San Marino for breakfast Julienne…


  2. You can only see the comments and comment box once you select the specific post. It’s hard to find if you are the first commenter but ok after that. Quite a few of the WordPress layouts are like that so I’m used to hunting for the small “leave a comment” type.
    I quite like this layout, Jesh, but you have a lot of white space between photos – not sure if you meant that but it takes a lot of scrolling. The comment box you have added yourself shows even if you don’t select the post, but it’s a bit confusing having the two.
    Good luck with your eventual choice of theme.


    1. Thanks Debbie for the explanation and going the extra mile for me:):) You’re right, having 2 comment boxes is confusing. For the ones from BlogSpot, I’ll just have to leave a note the first few weeks that the comment box is really there. Thanks for mentioning about the space between the pics – I wasn’t aware of the scrolling, because I always prepare my post on the computer:)


  3. Nice participation ! Your water reflection is so pretty… I would love to have a pond like that in my own garden : the Huntington library gardeners have such a great taste… I love your skywatch too : so dramatic, with this strange shape of clouds !

    I hope your new URL will be a huge success, and fullfill all of your blogging objectives.


  4. I am so happy you included Today’s Flowers in the links. Thank you very much. I loved the variety of theme photos, your daughter is going to adore her birthday scarf. It is such a pretty color. Loved the flowers also 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  5. Hello, I hope you are enjoying your new home.. And I am happy there are critters around too. Great post. Thank you for linking up this week, have a happy weekend!


  6. Well hello there Miss Dot Com! 🙂
    Looks like you’ve had a very exciting and busy week on and off your blog – and I am sure that red birthday scarf will have gone down a treat…
    Hope you are having a totally rad weekend
    Love Wren x


  7. Nice pictures – it does look like a good place for a wander!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS: having the comment form at the top of the page means you have to go all the way back to the top to make a comment


  8. Your posts are wonderfully kind of ‘stream of conciousness’, Jesh. Scrolling through I find myself wanting to comment but then we move on to the next topic and I forget what I was going to say. My age, I guess 🙂 Glad you’ve resolved your health issues though. And no, I haven’t started Christmas prep, but I won’t be able to ignore it much longer. 🙂


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