What does  –  this cloud  –  look like (I promise I won’t rate you for this question on the Rorschach Inkblot test – simply because it takes oodles of time to make up a “profile”).



On our way to stay overnite for a Saturday morning0 birthday party we saw this awesome cloud.






Holding On_2469





Sunday afternoon at Tiger Creek (fishing) Lake we’re watching our little dare devil closely






HorticulturistFlower 093





Visiting a friend. Come to find out that her brother is a horticulturist. No wonder, these plants and flowers I also saw in a botanical garden nearby. Of course I forgot the name of the flower, but nonetheless stunningly beautiful!






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23 thoughts on “A SLICE OF MY WEEKEND

  1. The cloud is simply fabulous, pink like that… It looks like if it was painted more than photographied. The picture with the child is amazing ; I love the composition, and the constrast between the green color of the water and the yellow clothing of the child. And the pic pic is a hairy one indeed !


  2. Your little daredevil is adorable! Your cloud is such a pretty shade. I am terrible at picking out shapes but I seem to see a face there. Thank you for linking with Today’s Flowers. The flower is gorgeous!


  3. that is a cool cloud – and I like the shadow in the 2nd photo – and this weekend we are catching up on some yard stuff and misc. work. 🙂 had a nice day in the mountains yesterday which was the first sunny day after rain and dampness all week – so nice…:) peace


  4. Great weekend! Your comment on the cloud reminds me of my brother who was a psychologist. He was always saying something like that ‘don’t worry, I won’t analyze you’. Made it a little scary to share childhood memories . I wonder if your sibs have the same thoughts ;>)


  5. The last photo with the red flower looks like photos I took in Australia. They call it “Bottlebrush”overthere.
    Thanks for sharing these images!
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.


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