You may remember  my three art shows last year in Holland. Whenever we had time in-between gallery and workshop activities, we went to visit friends. They lived in Zwolle, the East, less than an hour of the Harbor of Kampen













Sky on our way to Kampen. This pic makes me smile, because Holland is soo green and so flat – the opposite of where I live now. Here in California everything outside is brown because of triple digits heat, and live at 3000 feet, instead of below sea level:)














Arrivved at Kampen, before walking over this amazing bridge to the harbor, a white fence (left). The whole right side of this bridge is a reflection! It looked like a glass wall. Have no idea about the construction, since this bridge spans a good size river and  lets  also ships pass.

















One of the big sail boats in the harbor.
Never had been in Kampen all the years we lived in Holland …












After all these cool colors I need to see some bright and, or light colors. And that we saw in this flower in Hortus,  the North East (near Groningen).




All I ever heard in the past I heard things about Kampen that didn’t want me to spend time there.
Have you ever come to a place you discovered “I NEVER  thought THIS would be such a COOL place?




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33 thoughts on “KAMPEN

  1. That is an interesting looking bridge!
    My Rembrandt statue was taken in Amsterdam – in Rembrandtplein. He’s overlooking other bronze statues of the Nightwatch, though, not the Amstel.


  2. I wonder what plants are on those yellow looking field. The scene looks like the rice fields here in the tropics. And yes that bridge doesn’t look like the conventional one!


  3. How fun to be visiting the Netherlands and missing more fires and heat in California. The houses look so quaint, like big triangles covered with plants. I enjoyed visiting there too.


  4. Beautiful as always Jesh! I have never been in Kampen, but I have been near Kampen. It looks nice, though. I was glad you didn’t use the K for Kinderdijk or Krimpen for I might use it next time!
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.


  5. Wonderful post, I just loved that bridge, gorgeous skyline too. Everything looks so well defined and clean, thanks for sharing Kampen with us,
    Best wishes,


  6. I try to find something cool in everyplace I visit..but perhaps because I don’t get to visit many places anymore..Love all the green and the ships…I hope you get some rain and what is the matter with people who start fires..I don’t understand them at all….Michelle


  7. Great post and I especially liked the hydrangeas photo.

    Thank you for participating in the Floral Friday Fotos meme and hope to see you continuing to contribute.


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