Going with the Wind

We finally did it! Move, that is. It has taken us eight months to come this far.
Only our move from Holland to American has been more involved than this one.
However, this move was much more daunting, because it was not only a geographical move. This one would include a different life style. For most of our lives together we have been flying by the seat of our pants, working on multiple projects at the same time. Now, I have one big project in front of me that I know of –  – painting what I feel I need to paint. Not to become successful or get my name out there, but these paintings have a message.

With each choice
comes a seeking
beyond the practical
or most expedient
sometimes a choice becomes
one of DNA
why am I here
on this earth in this time
it’s unsettling!
the temptation
to grab easy and accessible
“what to do” is always there
waiting if I’ll fall into the trap this time


Beyond this ascent_3221



 Beyond this crest
a burst of newness
Blues and greens touch my eye
looking  down at the soil
new ground to cover
then stretching to the horizon
a new ascent
calls me









Dare I float
with the wind
the current
to unknown territories
unforseen Heights?

As long as the deep
opens up its secrets
its jewels, shells, and pearls
and I can roam
to my Hearts content.




* Am referring here to the following
Age 5-10 were the only years I lived in a tiny town of 20.ooo, while the rest of my life (5+ decades) I have lived in major cities. As a child I was happy in that fisherman’s village, but I knew my parents were very unhappy, always longing back for the big city. So in the last months I have been seriously checking my motives, my family, priorities, etc., etc. In poetry things can be really left vague, but it would be a little superficial to pretend that I just wanted to post some artsy phrases to go with my pics.

Last, but not least, I am excited about this new house. Love the  big open living room with vaulted ceilings. Am jazzed by the idea we have more than an acre of land. It doesn’t look that much, because it slopes down. So when I’m standing at the back yard border, it looks like the house is on top of a hill. Pretty cool! Have never lived at 3000 feet, but I  guess changes come with a new territory:) Am I prepared?

… We’ll see what life brings!


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25 thoughts on “Going with the Wind

  1. Congratulations on the move and best luck in your new area – it looks very pretty. We live at 7,500 feet elevation 🙂

    Pikes Peak is a fairly popular peak to climb. It’s not particularly treacherous, but it’s a long hike (almost 13 miles one way with 7,900 feet elevation gain), and it’s notorious for frequent afternoon thunderstorms in the summer. I prefer climbing other peaks that don’t have a gift shop and tourists on top!


  2. I hope all goes well with your big move. Lovely shots!
    Thank you for participating in last week’s Floral Friday Fotos. Look forward to seeing you link up again this week.


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