Yosemite Nat. Park has been an almost yearly treat, since my youngest child was 5 years old. High mountains and high waterfalls is the hallmark of Yosemite.

Not winning, but to conquer – anything – is in the blood of our family.

Our daughter climbed Half Dome one time, my son two times, and hubby 4 times. To conquer Half Dome they would practice by climbing Yosemite Falls, then Vernal Falls (which is the first stop of Half Dome), the next day they would climb to Nevada Falls (2nd stop), and at the end of the week to the very top of Half Dome.  I conquered that mountain by painting this, and other mountains, since hiking is not my thing.









On higher elevations nature is dramatic with sharp weather contrasts. Also, the wind always seems to blow here. The sky seems so close that you have the feeling when stretching your hand, you can touch  the “ceiling” of the world. Also, the eagles are in plain sight and do not seem to fly as high:)






Melting Snowcropsmaller


“Snow in June.”       With permission of  present owners. Also displayed on my first artwebsite www.StgermainArt.com

Several years we saw the snow on higher elevations still melting in June.  Coming from a country so flat and three fourth of it below sea level, I am still awestruck with any mountain view. Of course I had to paint this (to brag about the state I lived in ).

This remains one of my very few acrylics (which is technically an opaque watercolor, but when the paint dries it’s as strong as plastic). Loved to paint this view! With acrylic I miss the transparency one has with watercolors, as well as the velvety shine of oil. Now I have to rethink this, since they have come out with the transparent acrylics (Golden), as well at water-mixable oils!








One of my pre-digital era pics of Teneya Lake, close to 9000 feet. In the summer one can often see still patches of snow on the mountains. A few years, one couldn’t even walk on the meadows in June, because it was still too wet. We like to eat our picnic lunch here and have a gorgeous view.








 Modified for Mandarin Orange and Orange TGIF (crosshatch, glass, grain)








One of the few pics of  – my adult kids now – climbing. Here they were in their teens, at Nevada Falls on the way to Half Dome. The middle one on the left of the waterfall is my son and immediately on his right, in the light blue top, my daughter. Hubby took the pic, because I was far below, painting at Happy Isles. The contrast  in the pics is reduced (PS) to make the people more visible.






Not many wildflowers in the higher regions. I have one that I can’t find that is literally pressed against the ground.





pic half dome



But first timers come for the 9000 feet giant Half Dome on the right. You can climb to the top in 6 hours, but for the last part you need to sign  a permission slip (they allow only a certain number of people per day)- you climb a ladder and pull yourself up on ropes.


Even IF HIKING IS NOT YOUR THING, the park runs a FREE BUS to see some of he GIANT SEQUOIA TREES and HUGE WATER FALLS. You can go white water rafting, swimming, or biking. They have GUIDED TOURS with rangers, or PAINT PLEIN AIR (buy paper, brushes and paint there if you like – pretty cheap!) with  free instruction for all ages from a professional artist. Come before August when there’s still lots of water  at the water falls!




Thanks to All the Hosts

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PS – Since I’ve been doing my comments on the Ipad, some of you may not have received them, because of weak connection , but hopefully I’ll get my computer unpacked and internet set up next week:)t


39 thoughts on “HIGHER THAN THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN – Yosemite

  1. Hi Jesh,

    Like you, hiking isn’t for me either; however, I do enjoy gazing at the heights. Isn’t it fun finding blue?

    Yes, the baby is a boy. I blogged about it August 4th at the Gender Reveal Party.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  2. Stunning! Gorgeous! Beautiful! The paintings are incredibly beautiful and hiking looks like tons of fun! At age 16, many years ago, I climbed Pikes Peak (14,114)! Our youngest son, training for Cross Country, climbed it two week ago! HaHaHa! He said the last 2 miles were the toughest! I always loved Pikes Peak because when my father built our childhood home, 1946, the year my older brother Ed was born, we had a picture perfect view of it! Oh what I would give to have that home today! 😦
    As for Yosemite, I have always dreamed of traveling there. I am stunned by the height of the trees and I often ponder why God created such magnificent trees! The trees in our yard have been headaches because of plumbing issues so I am not a city tree lover! LOL! I do admire the beauty of God’s creations though. Someday I hope we can travel to Yosemite! Thank you so much for sharing and making me smile wide today! Enjoy your week!


  3. I am like you, I love mountains. They fascinate me , my country is very flat and I cannot always find any inspiration , looking at the green fields with cattle standing like statues.
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team


  4. You have the perfect family who go off climbing (for a long time) in a great location while you can paint in peace. Wish mine had been so amenable.
    I’d be there like a shot if I could fly in a commercial aircraft. Unfortunately that time for me has passes. Great pictures. Loved the rocks at Nevada Falls.


  5. Yosemite is a wonderful setting for you and your family – each gets to enjoy what they love to do and everyone can feel content. I have not visited Yosemite yet but it’s certainly a place I would enjoy hiking and just observing nature. i enjoyed your post – wonderful photos and paintings!


  6. Being about 4 hours away, you’d think we would go there more often. Maybe if we had a more reliable vehicle. The Husband and I went to Yosemite for our honeymoon. We stayed just outside the park and wandered in every day. I still would like to attempt Half Dome. Acclimating and practicing like your kids did is the way to go. Thanks for telling me about the color raw sienna. It’s my new favorite color.


  7. Would love a visit there! Don’t know how high I would get these days, but just to look would be incredible. I love your paintings and that waterfall shot looks great! Many thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. Yosemite is one of our favorite places! In fact, my son hiked the entire John Muir Trail this summer, 222 miles or some such figure. He had awful weather but still enjoyed it immensely.


    PS. Good luck with your new home!


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