* Not to boast, but  as a matter of identity, even in my teens I considered myself an artist. To my teachers and friends it seemed obvious, because if it was about art, they came to ask me. My personal experience is that art critics and media (some unintentionally) include their own opinions about the artist. There are actually only few bohemians among them. Most artists are very serious about their work, intense, philosophical about life, and somewhat removed from main stream. In the USA he is known for the paintings with  a cow jumping over the moon, the artist’s wife Bella floating, etc. .
Last year I saw a whole other side of the painter Marc Chagall.     ThreeAngelsvisitMoses_2052   1960-66 Moses visited by three angels, hearing that Sarah his wife would bear a child, when she  was at least 90 years old.       Chagall was a Russian Jew, and this inheritance had a huge influence on his paintings. I “kind of knew” that, but it was in the museum in Nice (pronounce niece) in France that it became so clear to me that although he knew Picasso, Braque and others of the Cubists movement, Chagall followed his own journey.

Jacob'sBattlewAngel_2063     Here, Jacobs battle with the angel on the left. On the right some major events  (Jospeh thrown by his brothers into a well, etc.)     Chagall’s patron  provided funds so he could go to France and he eventually became a French citizen. During world war II he fled to America. Marc met his wife Bella early on in life. He came from a poor family and she of a wealthy one. She had studied in Moscow and travelled abroad. She posed for him in several paintings. They stayed true to each other until she died (nothing Bohemian about this artist:) in contrast to Picasso ). *       SongofSongs4p193_2082   On the back side of the main space of the gallery, is what I have dubbed as the Pink Room. All the paintings are a bright pink, leaning to red, and about the Song of Solomon  – a love story.  These have stolen my heart. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I don’t know if I could have swallowed  taken these paintings a decade ago.  The manner in which he portrays Biblical things are romantic,  magical, and childlike. Now, I’m a decade wiser (lol), I applaud his courage for a view that no doubt he believed in himself.         Creation_2095

Creation of each of the six days.

    On the premises of the museum is also a chapel erected to display his excellent stained glass work. It’s the most intense ultramarine blue I’ve seen. I was shocked how much my own work resembles the colors he uses. Last year (2013) I saw these for the first time in my life, while my own approach to the painting of this subject are since 1997.     SmallPhotoBook_0767       To show some of my work in several art media I prepared a photo book for my three art shows in Holland last year May-June 2013), titled “Between Heaven and Earth.” After we got home, I gasped when I read the following in Chagall’s speech for the inauguration of the museum in 1973 (2nd resource below),

… that I was born, one might say, between heaven and earth; that the world for me is a great desert in which my soul wanders like a flaming torch – I have made paintings in unison with this distant dream. I wanted to leave them in this House so that men can try to find some peace … a meaning in life.

Serendipitous? Or what …   * Some of the great things about the museum: children can visit (there were some classes sitting on the front lawn when we arrived). You may take pics of the paintings!! (In many museums in Europe you are not allowed to do that). Friendly staff – I overheard one couple asking for the way to the beach, and the staff person gave them several options to get there:)   —————————————————— Some additional pics for the weekly memes       May30 135

If I would ascribe a flower to Chagall it would be definitely a rose, since he was known to love his wife Bella,

and painted her several times.


And this sky represents Chagall for the mesmerizing deep blue and the angel-like clouds floating above the horizon.


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    ** Resources *Harris, N., The Life and Works of Chagall, N.Y., Shooting Star Press, 1994 *Chagall, Musee National Marc Chagall, Nice, p. 9


41 thoughts on “MARC CHAGALL

  1. A great post. Chagall is probably my favourite artist. I haven’t seen his stained glass work, but I do remember seeing some of his paintings in Europe years ago… I think it was in Vienna. A great tribute to Chagall. Your clouds are a great closing piece.


  2. You should go to the Cathedral St Etienne in Metz, France, and see his absolutely amazing stained glass windows. I wish I had a camera when I was there …


  3. Hi Jesh,

    No doubt about it; you are an artist. Me? I just look and appreciate the works. I’ve actually been to Nice!

    I think that it was Joseph who was thrown into the well by his brothers. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday,


    1. thanks Sally – I don’t know how I could make such a major mistake – it was Joseph! I can’t look up why it appears in this painting, because my stuff is packed – sorry!


  4. Chagall’s paintings and stained glass are so colorful! I love primary colors, I wear them instead of neutrals most of the time. Very informative and interesting post!


  5. Chagall
    s art offers so much insight into what he was seeing. Amazing colors and a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. Happy Blue Monday and enjoy your week.


  6. Hi thank you for coming on by. Sadly I don’t have any horses anymore. My daughter still has 2. The mare we raised from birth. She was a treasure and a sweet heart. Not a great example but she had a beautiful heart. She lives with someone else now. She was pregnant in the photo. I just have photo’s from the new owners FB page. It is a bittersweet memory. Thank you for asking.
    You Blessed me.


  7. It’s true that our concept of what art is changes as we mature. Even if I don’t totally agree with what Chagall is saying through his art, I have to admire his depth of feeling and his ability to transfer this into his work.


  8. I am coming back to read this again later – but just this week I was throwing away (and giving away) some of my last art lesson stuff (and keeping a handful of lessons too) and I came across some copies of Chagall’s windows (bad prints that were crumpled and no longer good) but to then come here and read this felt like “speaicl” timing.

    and how cool – with the “between heaven and earth” connection – that made my arm hairs stand! Also, roses can vary so much and so I do not think I would say any rose could represent Chagall in my head – but the rose you selected seemed perfect – the coloring – the curled petals – the whole feel of it had me nodding in agreement. and then the sky photo to represent Chagall – well jshstg – this was just a fantastic post. ❤


    1. if you ever come near the south of France (the distances in Europe are much closer than here – we were at the time staying in Lucca, Italy, just 5 hours away), this would be the museum to visit – even though other museums like The Tate in London or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, or the Louvre in Paris are much more “established” – but this one I found much more inspirational)


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