San Diego is an easy place to see or do something. There’s the Zoo (a large one), Sea World, the beach and the beach at Mission Bay, Seaport Village, Old Town, Balboa Park, the Harbor, Little Italy, air craft carrier (museum – even though I’m not particularly interested in airplanes, I was in awe) of the Marines, and some other places. Not to forget : the entrance to Tijuana, Mexico. Take your pick:).
Since it’s only one and a half hour from us, we go there often. Except for holidays, because most of your time could be spent on looking for a parking place or to stand in line for something.








In this reflection hubby and some others are standing in (right) front of the candy store in Old Town San Diego.  It looks like they have Hawaiian outfits on, but they’re actually candy containers inside the store.  You also see the roof and a tree across the street from the candy store. There’s also a store you can watch taffy being made.





A few stores down is an awesome store for coffee beans and tea leaves. Of course we had to promise to send him the pic, to make it worth to him missing his Sunday sports game, lol. The pic below is the cash register modified for Mandarin Orange.
If you like to eat authentic Mexican food at reasonable prices, Old Town is the place!













The trumpet-like Brugmansia flowers in front of the Botanical building in Balboa park.
In the Botanical (open air) building is a large selection of orchids.






Fountain2BalboaPark 153




 At the and of the “street” with performers, this large refreshing fountain in Balboa Park in the hot sun.
we turn to the left to get an ice cream and visit the artist village.






concert podium (2)

 waiting for the concert to begin


 Surprizing how many of these seats will be taken when the organist starts playing. Often Sebastian Bach.
Organ is not my favorite instrument, but the compose Johann Sebastian Bach is my favorite composer.







 Turning from orange to golden




We were standing for a long time in the parking lot taking these sunset clouds after our meal at the Italian, and people smiling, laughing and getting out of our way so we could keep taking these pics. The end of a relaxing sunny afternoon in San Diego!







Thanks to all the hosts

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  1. Oh, I love San Diego. My daughter lived there briefly and we visited her there. We loved the Mex food in Old Town, and Balboa Park was such a treat. She is in Va now but is applying to go back to San Diego in about a year. We’ll see, I’d love to visit her there again. And the weather…oh the weather!


  2. We lived in San Diego for 19 years, I miss Old Town, Balboa Park, the La Jolla beaches and shops. We visited again a couple of years ago, everything still looks wonderful. I enjoyed your photos.


  3. San Diego is one of my favorite CA spots…when I moved West 35 years ago, it was second only to San Francisco where I settled. I also love the Monterey – Carmel area, Lake Tahoe, the Russian River and Mendocino and the San Luis Obispo area. All in all, we live in a terrific state….though I’ve been in 45 countries and 25 Caribbean islands…and have spent 15 months of the last 2 years in India. I’m head back there the end of July for four months.


  4. Wonderful images from your San Diego visit.. I have been to the zoo many years ago, it was awesome.. Thanks for sharing your day, have a happy week!


  5. I most definitely would like to hang out in that coffee shop… especially now I have seen the art that it inspired – rich, golden, and great composition. Thanks for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday#100:))


  6. I would love to visit the west coast as I have never been further west than Ohio. It looks the weather was perfect which I think it why so many people like to live there and so much to do. Thank you for linking into Nature Notes…Michelle


  7. My sister lives in suburban San Diego, so I know it relatively well. LOVE the light rail that took me from a Chargers game to the hotel stop in about 10 minutes.


  8. I love San Diego. It’s one of the most livable big cities that I’ve ever been to. The weather is some of the best in the world and there is SO much to do and see there. I live about an hour away and we sometimes take the train down there. Like Roger said, the light rail system they have is awesome.

    Your photos are great and I especially like the humorous reflection in the first photo.


  9. We loved San Diego …. We had visited it several times with the kids and grandkids (when we lived in Oregon) and then after retirement we spent a winter season in an RV Park there.e. (It was in Imperial Beach actually, but the manager and long-term residents called in Coronado because that sounded classier.) A wonderful city and area to visit.


  10. fun post – like the mand. orange edit on the old register – the lighting in the trumpet flowers is another fav – and glad you commented on the reflection shot – because it did look like floral prints – ha!

    also that is some organ! and similar to you, not a huge fan of the organ – but can enjoy some when the selections are right – have a great week – (and make that have a great couple weeks if I am unable to make it back 😉 ❤ ) peace!


  11. Old Town is one of my favorite places to hang out! i’m so happy I took the time to actually travel there by myself, but then the others followed, to this FUN little place.


  12. The first photo is very interesting!
    San Diego sounds like a place worth visiting. A special atmosphere? I almost got there many years ago visiting California for two weeks.


  13. Thank you for the tour of San Diego. I love the photo of the reflection in the window of the candy store.
    Thank you also for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again.


  14. If I lived that close I’d be there all the time too! I’ve only been once so must get back soon!
    I can’t complain too much though, as I have London on my doorstep, and visit regularly -often for work, but at least once a month at weekends. Thanks for linking this to the Up Down Challenge,


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