Almost forgot that I would show some  of Solvang after my post “More of a Smaller City”
Since we went to Solvang – remake of a Danish town –  close to the W-coast of California the last two years to celebrate the 4th of July, my thoughts went there. They celebrate it in the morning with a big parade with all the organizations in town, and poop scoopers right behind the horses (I thought that was a great idea).








At some places along the road along the coast between Los Angeles and Solvang  the fog keeps hanging till the afternoon, even though the sun is shining, like here.



*One of these odd low hanging clouds and a fence

*It’s fitting with the friendly touristy atmosphere in town. Xenial  (concerning hospitality) Danish everything (almost) – the crème puffs are to die for – and they have folk dances from Denmark in the original costumes.
Crazily busy during store hours, but as soon as darkness falls, the streets are suddenly empty.








There are at least two statues of the Little Mermaid which is so closely knitted to Denmark.
I liked this variant of the original.
Below an enlarged  view of the flowers here













*The red traffic sign is typically European: round with a horizontal white stripe means one way traffic.
The words “Do not enter” are for the USA visitors (in Europe these words are not on the sign).On the other end of the street would be a blue  sign with a white arrow.







We discovered this book loft the first time we came to Solvang. Found a magazine with an article how to write a novel in one month. Not that I was planning to write anything ever again after battling writing in a 2nd language and going through the hoops of a research dissertation (I did finish it, because I was so close to my Dr degree), but that article helped me getting a handle of the ins and outs of writing.

The next year I came back to the Book Loft I was half way with my writing (you guessed it: a novel). I visit this store every time I come in Solvang because it is a marker in my life never to forget.








Behind this windmill we’ve eater one of the tastiest and healthiest pizza’s ever!





When our kids were around we stayed home to have a BBQ party with friends
and looking at fireworks
now they have flown out of the nest, mom and pop travel wherever they like
have some good food and look at fireworks (if possible)




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59 thoughts on “SOLVANG – A DANISH TOWN

  1. well the healthy pizza sounds mmmm – and while I enjoyed each photo – I really soaked up the one with the sign in front of the book loft – the sign to the front speaks volumes (argh, no pun intended -) but the statue on top, the design, the font, and the white on blue – and then reading it – “bulldog cafe” – well sometimes these extras are just so rich to read.
    and I have questions for you – but maybe for another time – but so curious about the article you read that day and about the novel (or novels) your wrote (or are writing) – 🙂


    1. oh yeah, also wanted to just say that I love the way you put out the flower photo – no words – and the soft focus and lighting were really nice….


    2. sorry, still no answer back to you about Cezanne –
      but I wouldn’t mind writing volumes if they would be read:):)
      Your attention to detail is incredible – I just remembered I named one of places in the novel “Bulldog Restaurant.”
      A series of my paintings was my inspiration for writing. But you can’t ask me any more questions during your vacation!:)


      1. Hey there – well my vacay starts July 2nd….. so I have a few more days to comment, question, and post! ha. and take your time getting back to me w/ the Cezanne – I actually have been chewing on it more too. and you know, your comment was extra special in so many ways – so many – and I look forward to your reply when it flows naturally – so take your time. But what i was thinking about that related to it – I once heard someone talk about too many “kings” and how in a society that had everyone become famous – well we would have an imbalance in the infrastructure. And the analogy they used had to do with “king of the hill” and how they were making all these hills so that there could more kings – and pretty soon there were so many – too many – well the one that was not on the hill became the famous one.
        oh I dunno – but it got me pondering and thinking too – so thanks for that.
        have a nice weekend – ❤


      2. Like you to look at my facebook (Jesh StG) – I have a video on there I like you to see – the most recent one – I’ll delete that in a couple of days because I don’t want anything to happen to the people. You’ll understand when you view it. And have an awesome vacation!


      3. well I am not on fb – and while it has been tempting many times, I am still saying No – but I will peek through a family members account – and be in touch – TTYL


      4. oh you are sweet – well it is not really a conviction or anything major at all – it is just something that has unfolded this way for me – lol – but I will check it out in a bit so please do not take it down yet!


      5. great video – and I will share more later – but it is a great reminder as to how we totally take for granted our freedom and liberty – and I was only there real quick – But I agree with your other commenter – if people her in the States or other places valued the word like that – whew –


  2. Hi Jesh,

    Our nest is empty too, but our traveling days are over. Thanks to you, I get to visit places like this! I too think that my favorite picture is the one of the book store–with that interesting BLUE sign. It’s neat to learn of your history and the fact that you return to visit.

    Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  3. Very interesting little town…I was so confused at first. I thought you had visited Denmark and they had a 4th of July celebration there, and that didn’t make sense! 🙂 Now I understand that this in the US. If you can’t go to Denmark, this looks like the place to go!


  4. Jeannette, What a cute little town. We will actually be in the States for the 4th of July, on the east coast. My goal is to find a smaller town, perhaps on the water that has a small, but fun fest to attend and watch the fireworks. Wish me luck!


  5. Solvang is one of those that compels you to visit. I’ve always wanted to return, but haven’t for some reason or the other. No plans for the 4th. Oops on second thought, I have one. I plan to do nothing and vegetate in front of the tv set and watch some old movies.


  6. My girlfriend who is a native of California once visited Solvang and bought me the sweetest earrings, silver windmills. I still have them, they are ancient and I cherish them. Happy Blue Monday! enjoy your week. Beautiful share today.


  7. What a great tour, thanks for sharing! Do you think anyone can really write a novel in only one month? That sounds awfully fast to me… but who knows 🙂


  8. Certainly an exceptional little town for California. Love the fairy tale houses, nicely done. Thankd for sharing your visit.
    How’s the novel going??


  9. A good friend will be in Denmark for a few days this summer and I’m really looking forward to seeing her photos and impressions. Looks beautiful.

    abcw team


  10. We’ve enjoyed Solvang on many occasions especially while living in Southern California. My hubby and I even stopped by on our honeymoon. We also enjoy the wineries around Solvang. AEbelskivers are our go to meal in Solvang. Visiting from ABC Wednesday!


  11. Oh wow! I love the look of your blog, Jesh (Jeanette?). That header is beautiful 🙂
    I’ve read about Solvang before but you portray it beautifully. Especially I like the Little Mermaid shot, and the opener with the mist. A couple of times we’ve been on an Algarve beach on one of those mysteriously foggy days. Never managed to capture the image though.


  12. It is such a cute little town. I love your book find story and am so glad that the bookstore is still there — so many independent ones have disappeared. We’re traveling in Alaska and I’m not sure where we’ll be next week…


  13. Saw your response to bj. What is it with Google+? If they want us to use it, why do they make it so unfriendly? Okay. This really was an interesting post! I did not know about this town. And the scenery is beautiful! My grandpa came here from Denmark when he was 19. At that time, immigrants has to have employment lined up and had to have a sponsor. He came with only $5 in his pocket and worked at his BIL place. There were many stories like that of course. Anyway would love to visit Solvang and that book loft.


  14. I loved this visit to Solvang and was fascinated with the Book Loft and the magazine article about writing a novel in a month. That it helped you sort out some ideas about writing is wonderful! Did you ever publish your novel?


  15. What an absolutely charming town! I especially love the statue of the Little Mermaid and the hanging sign. If you didn’t say so, I would never have thought this was in the U.S. Happy weekend!


  16. Hi Jesh — I’m here again as my e-mail doesn’t seem to be working well. to answer your question on Alaska. Right now it (at 4 in the afternoon) it is 68 degrees outside. It’s been from 55 to 70 since we’ve been in the State and is supposed to be even warmer in July. We will see. This is our first visit to Alaska.(It is colder when hiking right at the glaciers or course and also out on the water on the tour boats because of the cold wind from the glaciers, but it has not been cold at all where we are camped.) Mostly just sweatshirt weather, raincoats occasionally. Except for those glaciers and boat, there it’s gloves and winter jacket, but we only there for rather short periods of time of course. And the boats have indoor warm cabins.


  17. What a fantastic little village! It really does look European. 🙂
    THey have an American festival every year here in Berlin. It usually lasts a couple of weeks and is around the 4th of July. Maybe I will go there and watch the fireworks. And then catch the fireworks on the 14th of July at the French festival! Too bad the city never had a Canadian sector…


  18. Nice photos!
    I like Solvang, but a visit every few years is enough, because it never changes.
    You are so right about it how it empties out in the evening.


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