FIRST of all  – A VERY HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the fathers among us!


Have you ever felt intimidated by beauty? In Utah I most definitely had that experience. So many large views and contrasts. There was no way to process it all at once for my little brain otherwise than to take as many pics as possible. Utah is much more than Bryce Canyon or Zion Nat. Park.





Just being on the road, I have learned not to wait with taking pics of these exciting skies. They change every few minutes! This looks like firecracker clouds in the desert.






 This was an incline, so I’m posting it as such:)



If it were only the skies, I could keep up with the change. Guess what, the colors and structure of the landscape we passed , also kept changing. The greens are just as varied and subtle as the red rocks.
The farmers work very hard to keep their land green (taken in June-July) and clean. The fences were  unassuming.










We were descending, but looking to the side, I felt very small!










Immediately to mind came: a kingdom in a far away land. Secure and safe, surrounded by many mountains. Doesn’t it look like from another world?








Modified with poster edges, posterize, film grain, and lens blur of PS
for the Mandarin Orange (on Facebook this week) and Orange TGIF




If you think you have seen beauty in Bryce Canyon….. this Sunrise Point view almost looks “normal” compared to when you go to Zion Nat. park (photo below)









No photo tricks here. No special lens! How in the world do I choose a spot to paint?? Somehow this patch gives me the feeling of a roller coaster.
Insanely complicated, let’s go to another spot… well, I discovered after three days there were no other spots that were “easier.”








The temps were also insane. On most days in June ( 2013)  from high 90 rising during the day to 108 degrees F.  Only the flowers of the cacti, thistles and wildflowers survived!








Tired of the overload? No problem. There’s also the quirky in a front yard , like in any other state:)



California where I live is beautiful with the ocean, beaches, flowers, fruits, vineyards, and mountains.
But the landscapes in Utah are intense. No doubt about it.



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45 thoughts on “MESMERIZED by UTAH

    1. okay – also wanted to say that this post had photos that seemed very color coordinated – the pinks – the blues and the bit or brown and rusty earth tone – such flow!


  1. Wonderful shots!! I’ve only really done Bryce and Zion so far, but they are two of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. I certainly think Bryce was more unforgettable than the GC. I had planned a tour of many of the other NP’s in Utah this year but unfortunately had to postpone it. maybe next year.


  2. I so enJOYed this. I love the magical kingdom notion. I used to make up stories about the World inside the red rocks when I lived in Sedona. I mostly did this in my head, but reading your way of looking at those rocks made me remember that I DO it when I am reading, too, or listening. Imagination is a muscle. and thanks for your kind words on my blog. I am enJOYing a very happy today which is also my birthday. I will imagine some places later when I am out!! thanks for the sparkle to my day!!


  3. Yes, very different to California, but I love them both. You’ve given us a great selection of photos as ever. I love thistles and the ones you have shared are a beautiful colour. Great to see you in the Up Down Challenge yet again. Debbie


  4. Hello again, Jeannette. It seems my WordPress Log-In led you to the wrong blog. I’m now posting at, I’ll think I’ll change my log-in information to make corrections. Thanks for visiting.


  5. I’ve enjoyed traveiling in Utah before, so interesting to see your photos. There was a little town that had sluices running through the street at the curbs so to water their garden they just opened them up! Beautiful scenery and colors!


    1. I have some little plein airs from Utah on my big easel… You’re giving me a great idea – one wall size pic of Utah (have to ask hubby if such a sizecould be printed without breaking the bank:)


  6. We had exactly the same feelings about Utah on our first (and subsequent) visits. It is awe-inspiring and as you state so well an amazing change from Oregon (as from California). Your photos are like paintings themselves. Just beautiful.


  7. Thanks for the journey,… I enjoyed it:) And I love what you did with the mountain for MoM. The processing is really interesting and the result striking. Thanks for sharing with MoM …and from now on Mandarin Orange Monday has its own new home at I will continue with FB MoM too though.


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