Most often I have a story.
Thought for  my 50th post on WordPress to do something else – the contrast between old and new.
I View “new” is not necessarily better.
I see it simply as having been in existence for a shorter time than the “old”.






Fenced off


but it’s sad when a beautiful building is abandoned and turns into a ruin. Something previously functional with design.
We saw this one when we walked from the Chagall museum in the South of France (which I’ll show you another time)  for about 35 min. upward to the other end of the street to visit the Matisse museum. Unfortunately for us, in the latter museum was not much to see, because they were prepping for a new show in August.
The amazingly positive museum attendant, hearing that we were from Los Angeles, said,
“Well, then you can come back next year, n’est pas?” (everyone who lives in America must be rich, lol)





 ceiling of the tunnel


A BEAUTIFUL DESIGN in something functional, such as a tunnel immediately caught my attention. Had a blast taking pics  when leaving Nice (pronounce Niece), because traffic was just going slow enough that I could choose an angle





KinderdijkMillsBright_0886 copy

Kinderdijk, the Netherlands


BLUE Sky above the OLD type of windmills where our friend-blogger Reader Wil took us – so much fun and as you know Wil – very informative!







The NEW BLUE to sit on, in Hortus –  a botanical garden, largely taken care of by volunteers in  Groningen, Holland. These tree branches were guided (like Bonsai)







For Mandarin Orange and OrangeTGIF I used the pic (below) of the dried flowers and used filters in PS of glowing edges, film grain, balance, saturation, and more:) and Catch the Light meme.






Dried up FLOWERS on the shore of Bass Lake, CA







From the background flower you can see the flower in the front is still a BUDDING Camellia –
the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena:)



What does it matter if something is old… or new? We each choose what is important, depending on the subject. It may be functionality (the tunnel), appearance (flower),  a keepsake of a significant person in our life, or whether it’s a building, or a bench, or a windmill, or a flower.


 If you like to add something of your own old or new, FEEL FREE to mention it in your comment🙂




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51 thoughts on “NEW or OLD

  1. Hi Jesh,

    I prefer new houses, but since my husband and I are old, I prefer old men! Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  2. What a fun European tour, I especially like the interesting trees from Holland, I don’t know if they grow that way or were trimmed that way. The old ruin is fascinating, the walls are so thick.


  3. There may be sadness in a building falling to ruin — but there is beauty all the same. I love the look of old, falling down structures — you can imagine their journey. Absolutely love the windmills (those modern white ones don’t hold a candle to the old style ones!!) When I was in Groningen I never saw trees like that! They are fabulous! And the camellia is a beauty!


  4. What a fun tour. I love the windmills. It is really nice you met your blogger friend from Reader Wil. Congrats on your 50th post.. Have a happy week!


  5. What a lovely stroll through so many places. I love all of the pictures, each for different reasons. I especially like the tunnel and how you managed to get the light to play in it. Finally the unfolding Camillia … all so beautiful. Wonderful post …

    Andrea @ From The Sol


  6. The tunnel image is interesting! Of course, I enjoyed the whole post, not just the one photo, but that one is my favourite!!
    I am in awe of people who could spend the years necessary to sculpt a whole tree!!!


  7. I, too, find equal interest in both old and new. I loved your selection of shots. my particular favourites were the windmills and the budding camelia 🙂


  8. Sometimes I find old more interesting than new. New has no history other than how it was created and why. Old has that too but also what it had seen in many years . I am talking about buildings now. Every stone or brick has a tale to tell in the long run of its existance.
    Thanks for mentioning me in your photo of Kinderdijk! We had a nice time together, hadn’t we.?!
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team


  9. congrats on the 50th – oh sweet 50!

    and I look forward to a post showing shots from the Chagall museum – and too bad there was not too much too see. We had a membership at museum one year and they were remodeling half of it the entire time – it was fine, but felt a little robbed.

    anyhow, the tree branches are a work of art indeed – and I grew – I feel sad when I see an old “beautiful building abandoned” and left to ruin – it gives me a sunken feeling sometimes – but I guess it is the cycle of life….. as this “Old and New” themed post so cleverly addressed with photos. I also like how you left some pics with the older untouched feel and then did all that newer digital editing – nice – and sharing few the effects you used – I personally like reading that and feel like it helps me feel the process more.

    both thumbs up for the 50th 🙂


  10. First off, fantastic photos!
    I prefer old over new, but I love modern design. My problem with many modern things, is that in many cases, they only exist because some older, more traditional and probably historic structure was torn down to make room for it. That is sad.


  11. Just saw your comment on my Project 365 page – a second blog page I have devoted to my 365 project. I link up to James from this space because it fits well with what I’m doing this year – matching photos and quotes…Reflection photos seem to give way to reflecting on things, don’t you think! To answer your question I do host a Black & White Wednesday link up here:
    (I linked you to this past week’s page)

    Love to have you join!!


  12. Lots of beautiful photos. Old and new sometime mix well together. It is hard to let go of the past sometime and embrace the new and unknown. Beautifully written. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.


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