Am in a contemplative mood
seeing where I need to say goodbye to, when life is so busy in the metropolis of Los Angeles
Overall, I/we moved 20+ times, but I lived in this city for almost 30 years (just shy of half a year)
and plan to move to a more rural setting.








These will go with me,
the little white pretties will not be forgotten. They are the less common variety of hydrangea









Never thought I would have a statue on my deck, but when hubby asked if I wanted it, these two were too cute to be refused.
They are supposed to have an umbrella above them, but the connection part still needs to be fixed. For sure they will fit somewhere at our new place.



Happy the store wrapped my clothes in this bright orange bag  (for Mandarin Orange)



It’s Spring and in the stores are a variety of long skirts – much more than last year. So I wanted one – a demure one, because I need all the look of length I can get, but a beige top in the same color was a little too demure:). This is what I cane home with. A light beige LONG skirt and I love the Native American print for the top that’s making a come back now. The latter I will shorten, to minimize the dramatic design.

When I’m fussy withtoo this and too that” I blame it on my years in the counseling room (haha) where I had to be dressed “just right.” I refused to wear a lab coat, because it creates a professional distance instead of an air of approachableness (which makes it easier for people to tell their secrets).

Keep telling myself that all I need now are CASUAL clothes, if I don’t want to advertise I’m from the city!







Hubby repairing a little pretty gate  – down to the beach. This  will not be likely to  happen again.









This sunset in San Diego is a big pretty:) I included it also because we won’t see too many ocean sunsets anymore.




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53 thoughts on “LITTLE PRETTIES

  1. what a nice post – and the statue looks like a Hummel to me – hmm and thanks for hearing about the umbrella.

    but oh wow – moving after 30 years some place is such a big change! best wishes and remember – we can bloom where planted. and well, those little white pretties will help you do that.

    I also like you point about not wearing a lab coat – hmmmm – and I hope you find the perfect attire for your new location – but I am sure you will. 🙂 but wardrobes really do change as our hats and oles change = and it look alike you are having fun with the NA print-
    okay, have a great day – and best wishes on packing up and all that.


    1. Thank you Yvette for all the encouragement (I need all I can get right now, because sitting pretty to sell the condo is not my strong point – so I can’t pack up yet!!). But this crazy move has a good reason – the only way to get enough room (and able to afford the mortgage) to paint bigger paintings.
      Have a great week!


  2. Congratulations on moving from LA, you will probably enjoy living in a more rural environment. Best wishes on sale of your condo and getting rid of 30 years of stuff if you need to, or maybe you will have more room. It’s great to move to a bigger place instead of smaller, and have room for an art studio as well. And maybe a bigger garden?


  3. Good luck with the move — I’d love to move out of town, even though I live in a suburb it’s still a city! That statue is sweet and I love your new outfit!


  4. A new adventure. Always a little scary but filled with lots of new things. You seem to be very well prepared. Glad I stopped by to say hello. Happy Blue Monday and enjoy your new jounrey.


  5. Lovely pretties you are taking with you. When we move, we do have to leave many things and fave. places behind. Then again, we need to leave things behind to make room for new ones to come in.


  6. We yo-yo from downtown capital to countryside to suburb to downtown. There are lovely things in both places. Glad you can bring the plant with you. A few moves ago I didn’t try to transplant a honeysuckle and I miss it still.


  7. Hi Jesh!! As someone who moved from the big city to a more rural setting some years ago, I can say it was the best move I ever made 🙂 Good luck with the move when it’s all arranged. I love that little beach-gate.


  8. Rural sounds amazing. We are leaning that direction ourselves of late! I am ready to not see neighbors out of every window!

    Thanks for linking your musings to the letter “A”.



  9. We are leaving a beloved home too, but we are leaving our rural home and heading for the city. Good luck as you go – I’ll watch with interest.


  10. Lovely gate. I was born in East L.A. and lived in the greater L.A. area for 37 years before my husband and I moved to the Seattle area. I hope you enjoy the rural life…


  11. I love that American print and the orange bag too! I am afraid (being a hoarder) I would keep the bag too. As for wearing casual and colour… I used to wear a lot of black when I worked full time…now it is colour…maybe even a little too much! The older I get the more colourful I will be – hair included:)
    Thanks for sharing with Mandarin Orange Monday:)


  12. Big changes, but consider how blessed you are to have lived along the ocean and now going to a rural setting. Both have beauty year round.


  13. If I were moving away from the beach, I would be heart-broken, but not everyone feels that way…
    I love your images!!! Good luck in your new home!


  14. The “little pretties” are so delicate and lovely! They are probably one of the more old fashioned varieties. Lovely sunset, and such nice photos.


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