Portner’s Shed, 9 x 12 inch, Oil, © St Germain

From my previous kitchen window I could see when the snow
had come at 9000 feet in Big Bear Lake.
One of those  Christmas break weekends (more than 25 years ago) from a very intense semester of my doctoral training,  I had some free time while my children were playing in the snow. I painted the shed
with a beginning watercolor set, one brush and (wrong) paper.

Little did I know that this shed  behind the cabin would bring me back
from a hiatus of 20 years in painting. The original painting is lost, but I painted it later in oil.
Painting has added so much meaning to my life!
In retrospect, it was not “just  a weekend!”




Half way done now with this seamless Artemisia sweater from Craftsy:)


You know those ads “knit a sweater in the weekend?”
Had seen this sweater the year before last, but lost track of which knitting site it was.
When I saw it back in November it intrigued me even more,
because one starts with the neck and is  knitted downwards and seamless.

Since I had never done that, I planned it would occupy me
a couple of weekends.  By the time I’ll finish, I could have knitted 3 sweaters,
because of my heroic efforts in using markers, “make 1” (increases) and “short rows” and “backward loop cast on.”

I thought I could knit, but apparently I still had to learn that seamless means no room for error!
Scratch those “couple of weekends.”





Super excited when the Camellia right after New Year had several buds.
After last weekend three of them started blooming.
The only way to know that these flowers are really blooming by my front door,
are  when you know I have stairs in the background.



snow-mount sky3

Somewhere along the I 5, on the bottom of the Grapevine

Strangely at the same time, the weather is “cold” here (dips down to 40 degr. F in Los Angeles)
and snow may be on the mountains.When it’s more than this dusting, it will stir up my longing to make it up to Big Bear Lake in the weekend.

Who knows what will happen then!



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20 thoughts on “NOT JUST THE WEEKEND

  1. Great cabin picture! If you started that sweater in November, then you knit faster than many of us, me, It would take more than 2 months to be where you are. Your camellia flower is so pretty!


  2. I also love to knit, but I never make sweaters for just the reasons you have mentioned – I think they take more time than they’re worth! But I must say, yours looks really nice. 🙂


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