The beginning of the fourth season.
The most festive for some, and the hardest for others.
They bring so many good as well as dark memories.



For Sunday Stills


If you belong to the latter, just hang on, live one day at a time,
do one good thing for yourself each day.
This too shall pass.

midnightcandleModCandle modified for Mandarin Orange

This candle my oldest daughter gave me many, many years ago.
a keepsake, but had to burn it
when a blackout hit out part of the city one night.
We have many reserves in our mind as well
when we are unhinged.



Hubby is the real photographer:)


Blooming in the dark …
little but ever so courageous
you have more
you are stronger
than the hole you’re in
dig up that  long forgotten spunk
you tucked away.
hold onto a branch with all your might,
you are gonna be okay.
Tell yourself you really will.




soon the dawn will break
reveal colors of the heavens
reflected on your path
inspiring to move on.



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  1. Wow.

    This left me speechless for a moment and then I re-read it and I was STILL speechless.

    After a moments thought I would just like to say…this was amazingly poignant.

    It really touched my heart profoundly today.

    Thank you for that.

    And thank you for linking to Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “A”.



  2. I like both the original candle shot and your processed image and the way it exaggerates the glow. Beautiful words too… this Christmas is a time I have mixed feelings about. First one without my Dad, but will be lovely with our 3 ½ year old grandson:)But as you say…difficult times do pass.
    Thanks for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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