Beaver Dam, pastel,  17 1/4 x  11 1/2  inch © StGermain


This beaver dam was intriguing. The reflections of the trees intrigued me even more.

The blog owner of the photo graciously gave me permission to use it for a painting. Unfortunately I can’t show
you the pic that was my inspiration, because of previous computer  issues.

Began with the reflections “above” the dam, because I wanted these in the “right” place.
The values of this part (light – dark). I kept adjusting throughout the process of the painting .
The beaverdam itself was not as difficult as imagined. The sides to the left and right were more challenging, because they framed the focus of interest and had to seal the deal, so to speak.

The flowers were really there in the pic. I only exaggerated their brightness.
On the bottom part my technique of putting layers on top of each other in the reflections and the weeds is more obvious. Had to (gladly!) buy a few more pastels for this painting.
(Whenever I have time I’ll write a separate post in the category of Pastel paintings seen on top of the page)

The dam the beavers built probably spoke to me, because they had to collect so many little twigs and branches. I am a collector at heart.



When I opened the front door on a cloudy windy day, actually to take a pic of the sky,
I saw these were laying on the ground …



My next thought was, oh, they would look good as Christmas decoration!


A friend once called me “the queen of seize.” I laughed since it rhymed,
but when I thought about it some more later,
I knew he was right.


Since I write my blog like a journal, a bit of thanksgiving.



Thanksgiving to me is like
someone bigger than life,
giving you a warm hug


This year I have thankful feelings about my Dutch heritage: the  fact that it is a kingdom.
I really like the new king (Willem Alexander) and the new queen (Maxima)
and their three adorable  little girls.




Pollard Willows (typical short trees) in Low Lands by the Sea (Netherlands)
shot taken in The Open Air Museum  – really worth seeing!!
From Amsterdam  via Bussum – Amersrfoort -Ede – to Arnhem 1 1/2 hrs. drive by car

Next, the incredible creative talent that has come out of such a small country
in the past as well as the present. Without a doubt, it has shaped me as an artist.

Of course, I’m not less thankful about my food in the pantry and fridge,
a roof over my head, a car to drive, etc., etc.

with this I’m leaving you to your own thankful list


Happy Thanksgiving to All of You!


P.S.  This drawing has been sketched without any models


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22 thoughts on “AT BEAVERDAM

  1. Wow, you have a wonderful artist’s eye. I enjoyed your post so much. Especially your thankfulness about your heritage. We were in Amsterdam and the Netherlands last Dec. on a riverboat cruise on the Rhine. It was a wonderful trip.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    xo, Jeanne


  2. What a lovely post — those things you picked up, whatever they are, look like Christmas stars for sure. Lovely. And I know (from experience) that the beaver dam blogger is thrilled to have her photo turn into one of your paintings. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  3. The beaverdam drawing is very pretty, I especially like the intensified colors, and the reflections in the water, and the ripples in the upper pool look very realistic. I really enjoyed visiting the Netherlands, it was one of my favorite countries, I liked the food and lodging. I was very impressed with the bicycle accomodations and separate roads even between cities.


  4. Those computer issues are a right pain, aren’t they?!! Shame you can’t show the original photo but I’m pretty sure you’ve done a might fine effort of recreating it through your painting!
    Just wandering through to wish you a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving
    Wren x


  5. A really interesting collection. I love the first ..almost a fairyland…and your orange pot with its soft texture is lovely. Thank you for sharing it on Mandarin Orange Monday.
    Your drawing certainly is big and warm…Happy Thanksgiving.


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