Every time I look at the header I choose, I’m Quite happy

looking through this narrow opening in the rocks
speaks to me about “another world” opening up

symbolizing a world of  new and unexpected possibilities


while there’s a wall of massive rock in front
all I have to do is to keep searching for that “hole”
a break in a seeming solid wall of resistance

I could apply this symbol to some situations
in my life I would like to break through


  pic from hubby

breaking the soil barrier
(pun intended)

and experience new growth


or a solution, which these big rolling sprinklers
are for the farmers in a desert climate in Utah
for a city slicker, thought this was a “rare” invention (and cool!)



new hope in these clouds
coming and going
nothing on this planet is static
or everlasting
only in the confines of our mind!




just let me know if something strikes you as odd or unusual!
Still have trouble accessing some blogs –  (some have a google+ profile
that won’t allow me to put my wordpress http in!) or internet is too slow

I replied to all of you, so I can check back at this post if I could leave a comment the “normal” way  – I appreciate  you all!


Thanks to All the hosts!

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71 thoughts on “ABOUT THE HEADER

    1. Hi Jen, Sorry, am not able to leave a comment on your blog, since google+ doesn’t allow me to leave my wordpress url to save the comment.

      Your post is highly needed. In my last year of training I did a half year rotation at Hospice, and I remember how thankful the full time staff was for the large army of volunteers, and how the hospital was constantly recruiting new volunteers.


    1. Hello Carol, you also have a google+ profile . Google+ does not allow me to leave my wordpress url, so I can’t leave a comment.

      On your last post I loved your photo of the river rocks! As you can see here, I love rocks a lot:) thanks for visiting!


  1. An inspirational and though provoking post today Jesh,
    It’s an incredible photo of the rocks so no wonder you have chosen it for your header ;D
    Happy Blue Monday to you.


    1. Neesie, I got thrown for a loop in trying to connect with your blog. I ended up in Gravator! (which are profile pics for sites like wordpress) Hope next week we’ll find another soulution! Thanks for the visit!


    1. Scriptor, you’ve seen it correctly, I haven’t been able to find out how to get the Facebook pic on the budget (widget-challenged 😦 ). Tried several times on Tue. to leave a comment on your blog, but would not save. Thank you for coming by here!


    1. Utah is so different from California. Het is wijds. Grote open vlakten. Meer een landklimaat. The mountains are awesome, breathtaking, because it’s so orange-red, it’s like one is in another world!


  2. Hi Jesh!! That first photo looks very familiar. I’d guess it was taken at Bryce Canyon? I think I may have taken a shot of that very same gap!! Lovely shot of the little red flower :-))


  3. Great rock photos! Love the second!
    Amazing colour of the rocks! Very beautiful place to go for a walk for sure!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your visit and comment.

    Have a nice day****


  4. You seem to be settling in well at WP. It doesn’t allow certain widgets that contain any kind of scripts and that is to protect the blog. But there other alternatives.. Very lovely post with a lot of emotion.. Loved it..Michelle


      1. There are a lot of themes to choose from under the appearance tab in the dashboard. You can even preview them without changing totally. There are probably a 100 free ones.. I like to play with mine….


  5. I loved Utah and the rock formations and colors. They reminded me of a fairyland in places. Lovely post and your photos are beautiful. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!


  6. Beautiful pictures — and your interpretation of why you love the rock formations is the best I’ve ever read…I love seeing them, but have never been able to put into words exactly WHY! You covered it for me!! I am having some trouble finding you and your new blog, can’t seem to get it into my Feedly. But I’ll get it eventually,


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