My Favorite Color

Sorry, I ‘ve neglected this site, because I’m mostly at my Blogspot site (

My favorite color is not just blue, because there  are so many blues. Like this Polish Pottery I saw last weekend in Auburn, California

Isn’t it pretty? Kind of  a French Ultramarine Blue. Lately I have been painting much with a Cerulean Blue,

whereas before my ultra favorite blue to paint with was Ultramarine. This 16 x 20 oil is of Teneya Lake in Yosemite National Park in California. One of my vacation paintings.

The blue that is very fashionable this year I call azur. A blue with green in it, in the dress of my then toddler grandchild.

A very mysterious blue is indigo, so dark that it is leaning against black. The dark parts of the sky in this small oil I did after I had a dream about a friend is indigo. The gist of the dream was “If you play, they will come” -a variant of the movie  with Kevin Costner.

But my favorite kind of blue is one that is leaning toward periwinkle, a blue mixed with purple and grey.

A photo taken by Jacob Stoker, who at 65 started photography!

I love the unassuming little wildflowers! This pic is also taken by Jacob. Now I know that there is still Phthalo blue, and Antwerp blue, Prussion blue and Winsor blue, and so on, and so forth, but these are the blues I tend to choose first.


14 thoughts on “My Favorite Color

    1. For the longest time, blue was the ONLY fave color, but right now I have a second face color (am leaving it in the middle right now, because that may be one of my future posts) Have a great weekend -what’s left of it.


    1. EG Wow,
      Thank you! I always have been very specific about my likes and dislikes of certain colors (maybe because my mother dressed me in what I did not like, LOL!
      I’ll try to visit you via your profile pic -if that doesn’t work, I’ll get back to you:)


    1. Donna,
      And after my comment, I went to your cooking blog, and here I was drooling over you chicken stew with tomatoes after midnight! I’ll certainly venture out one time to make it LOL
      If you go on ART NOTES my second blogpage on Blogger, I’ve posted a few BIG paintings with bright colors. Have a great weekend!


  1. HI! I posted your painting on It looks awesome! I found a great Rachel Carson quote about water for my Food for Thought corner too.

    I like the blues you post and discuss. I sort of misled everyone in my Them Thursday post on blue by saying I don’t like it. I love it in art and flowers—love blue flowers. I just won’t wear the color nor do I like most blue rooms unless they are a dark blue (midnight or prussian or something where a white contrast looks divine) or a pale silvery blue.


  2. California Girl,
    Thank you, Friend!It looks great on your blog -I almost missed it, because by the time I finish a painting, it has become part of my living room, LOL. Lately I immediately make a pic of it, since it’s sometimes sold before I finish.

    A pale silvery blue can be stunning! (Can you tell…I like clothes:) )


    1. Thanks for the visit:) – it looks like I know my way around, but these are all people from blogspot:)

      So, my question remains…do you get around wordpress bloggers with tagsurfer? I’m having a hard time to browse and get to blogs I have some things in common with, even though I put in about 20 tags!


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